Bimbo role model – Katja Krasavice

Readers from outside of germany may not understand why I promote this cute little girl to a bimbo rolemodel. Yes, she needs way bigger tits (although you can see the difference between her augmentations, she’s on the right way, and may go even bigger – lets hope for it) – but  her tits are not the reason why I’m mentioning her. Apart from her very beautiful face, her long blonde hair, her slim body, nice tits, pretty ass and her dedicated way of dressing (short dresses, high heels, make up, etc.), she’s doing very valuable work to the bimbo scene in germany. Being a very popular youtube star in germany, this young girl presents the bimbo lifestyle to other young girls in a great and desirable way. Getting bigger tits, having one’s lips plumped, dressing sexy and revealing, using make up, being a little slut and wearing high heels is represented by her as a lifestyle full of luxury, fame and fulfillment. In view of her vast operating range of her youtube channel, and her big presence on social media, she inspires many young girls to go the bimbo way and enhance themselves. Lets hope she continues enhanceing herself, becoming a much better bimbo, and lets hope she inspires many, many more young girls to become a perfect bimbo doll.

Her Youtube channel:

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