Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #1 – Nariko

Today, I’ve got a surprise for you! Our very first Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight post! This is where I’m going to take a closer look at some popular and newcomer bimbo/s (trainees), doing interviews (remember I asked you whether I should do this?) and showing some new pictures of them. For our first entry, we have Nariko, an amazing, sweet, sexy and beautiful newcomer bimbo from germany. She has been kind enough to answer some questions (my patrons could discuss over) you all may find relatively interesting. Just have a look at these pictures and you can see what a fantastic evolution she already made, and how big the progress is she made since she started her journey to become a perfect bimbo doll! Not only is she eager to achieve the look of a girly princess, but she also tries to perfect her inner bimbo persona (by practicing our lessons, like a good girl 😉 ). Now, let’s gets started and remember to visit her social media channels (twitter, instagram and yes – she’s also on tumblr!) – maybe after you heard what she has to say in this interview and how she plans to become THE perfect bimbo doll, you might want to support this amazingly sweet bimbo trainee!


Katie, nice to have you. You are the very first bimbo trainee being
interviewed at the pink Bimbo Academy, so please don’t be too hard on
me. Would you like to introduce yourself?

there! I’m Katie, 24 years old and from Germany. As you can see I’m
totally into the bimbo look and love doing my makeup soo much. It’s
my no. 1 passion and I can’t live without it. Furthermore I love
cooking, baking, playing videogames and something totally not bimbo
like.. reading books about ancient cultures. Ancient Egypt ist my

First question: What does the term “bimbo”
mean to you? What do you think about bimbofication. Is it something
visual or a matter of attitude? If you imagine a perfect “bimbo”,
what would she look like?

To me, a bimbo is THE perfect
woman. She’s blonde, has a tight-toned and tanned body, fake boobs
and a angel like, almost extraterrestrial good looking face. She also
is a master at applying makeup and has a wonderful taste in clothing;
she’d emphasize her wonderful curves with low cut cleavage tops,
preferably pink, wears hotpants or a miniskirt, high heels and a ton
of mesmerizing, sparkling accessoires. She never looks boring but
very attention grabbing. She is always in a good mood, smiles and has
a warm-hearted personality.

have a twitter account that recently passed 1.000 followers and some
other social media accounts, so although 1.000 followers are not few,
you are some kind of a rising newcomer in the bimbo culture. How did
you came first in contact with the bimbo lifestyle, what were your
first thoughts and how and why did you decide to become a bimbo

think I subconciously came into contact with bimbo culture when I was
a girl, like 12 or 13 years old. I adored Christina Aguilera in her
dirrty era and Pamela Anderson so much back then; I understood how
appealing and attention grabbing their appearance was and how people
reacted to them. I really can’t explain why I was always in love with
women like this.

the years passed and I was a very basic and boring looking girl in my
teens. However, I always looked up to barbie-like women and thought
that they look amazing. So I decided to become my real self, around 2
years ago. It has been a slow process, but I’m really happy how far
I’ve come.

already made your first steps towards becoming a beautiful, sexy
doll, can you tell us what you already did?

only got lip fillers (2 cc) and botox in my forehead, that’s
basically it.

tumblr info say’s “I’m striving for bimbo perfection – Follow my
bimbo journey & help me to become more fake and plastic” –
so, what are the goals you want to achieve, regarding bimbofication
and plastic perfection?

ultimate goals is to have a really small, doll like nose, slightly
bigger lips, a thinner body and big, fake boobs, but not too big
because I already have slight back pains. I also want to have a deep
tan all year and a sparkly belly button piercing.

is your current day-to-day routine to enhance your look and to work
towards your goals?

I’m a skincare junkie and I love to
take care of my face since I’m definitely not getting younger. In my
opinion, prevention is better than intervention when it’s too late.
So I already started getting botox at the age of 22 to keep my
youthful look as long as possible. My skincare routine consist of at
least 8 steps and I ALWAYS take off my makeup before bed. I can’t
remember going to bed with makeup because it’s the worst thing you
can do to your skin.

I wake up I usually take at least 1 to 1.5 hours to get ready. I
never go out without Makeup and I always take a good long shower in
the morning because that wakes me up really good.

you have any rolemodels, girls in the bimbo culture you really are
inspired by, dolls you admire because of their look or their

Oh well, there are many gorgeous bimbo dolls I
really adore: Erika Gray, Alicia Amira, Ritta Sophia,
Jessie Jensen, Courntey Taylor, Ultimate Barbie and so on.. mostly
because of their looks. I also love Tara Babcock. She is a wonderful Youtuber,
looks amazingly hot and has a wonderful personality.

you think becoming a bimbo requires a girl to change her attitude or
her behaviour? What do you think of our lessons? Have you started to
practice or began to see some changes regarding yourself?

I can say is that I became more friendly towards men and try to make them
happy with my attitude. I’m not complaining or bitching about
something in their presence anymore and they really appreciate that.

What is your favourite styling? Do you make effort to
dress and style in “a bimboish way”, like in short skirts,
pink dresses, high heels and so on?

As I have mentioned
above, I NEVER go out without heavy makeup. Low cut shirts and tops
are a must for me because I don’t want to hide my boobs, ever.

have some really fantastic skills regarding styling and make up, how
did you learn that?

I learned a lot through Youtube
tutorials and developed my own style over the years.

there any special products or items you would like to suggest to
other girls? Things you really love?

I really can’t live
without my hair straightener from GHD because I can’t stand my
natural curly & frizzy hair. Straight, smooth hair looks so much
better on me.

I’d recommend makeup products from MAC, Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly
Hills (their highlighters and brow products are the best in the
universe if you ask me!).

personal: What do you like about men and how should a man be in order
to impress you or to go on a date with you?

should definitely be into the barbie look. I would never ever date a
man who shames women for wearing makeup or looking fake. This is a
big no no. He should be intelligent, have manners and make me laugh.
Humour is very sexy to me. If he treats me like a princess I’ll treat
him like a king, it’s that simple!

is your favourite thing about sex? Is there something you would like
to do, or something you really love?

prefer dominant men who know what they want and tell me what to do.
I’m rather a pleaser than a receiver. That’s all I can say! 😉

you only interested in men, or are girls bedworthy to you too?

also interested in girls, but I think I could never have a
relationship with one. So if some hotties are reading this – text
me, haha, just kidding. If I was 100% into women I’d only date black haired,
latina-like women. I’m totally into that type.

Good bimbo girls need to be spoiled. I’m sure you
love gifts and support. How can people support you the best way and
what are you most excited about?

I have a wishlist full of
things, please have a look at it! <3

you read the Bimbo Academy Germany Blog, what do you like about

I think it’s amazing how much detail you put into your
training advice posts. Thank you for supporting the bimbo culture!

Are we going to see some more pictures of you in the
future? Some model shoots? What else can we expect?

definitely! But it’ll take some time because I need to work out WAY
more to have my dream body!

Is there something you would
like to tell our readers?

Life is too short, so don’t
worry and become a bimbo. It will change your whole life and make you
very happy in the long run. <3

you so much for you time, we wish you all the best for the future and
your further bimbo journey!

Thank you, too!


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