Gimbo role model – Dani Divine

I’ve always a hard time picking five representative pictures of a girl when I’m about to create a rolemodel post about her. Five pictures that should show exactly why I consider her a rolemodel by presenting her individual benefits and characteristics, things that are special about her, things she does right that other girls don’t do right, aspects of special beauty or sex appeal, maybe even pictures that show her progress and the way she did come along. Sometimes it’s about certain things related to her body, her face, her style, her clothes, her impact, her make up or her behaviour – or about multiple of those aspects. This time the task of selecting five pictures was particularly difficult and couldn’t be done at all, that is why I had to post six pictures of this stunning goth doll, because of her angel-like beauty, her out-of-this-worls-sex-appeal, her amazing goth style, her preference for the best accessories and items the dark sub culture has to offer, her stunning tight body, her fantastic make up skills and her charming smile. After Starfucked (sometimes she gets mistaken with her), I present you our next gimbo (goth bimbo) rolemodel, in the dark sub culture well known as Dani Divine! This dark angel is very special because of many different aspects: First thing is, just like Starfucked, she is one of the, sadly, very, very few goth girls who did enhance her tits – even if it is not to a size we might be accustomed to in the bimbo scene, and sadly not a size we all wished she had gone for (but things can always change…) but nevertheless to a size that renders her very special in the gothic domain. I’m still thinking about writing an article about goth girls and silicone tits – in the hope that I can convince some dark princesses to give it a try… Never mind. Again, as Starfucked, Dani has a strong preference for patent leather and pvc clothing, in fact a taste that not all goth girls share, even if people from outside the dark sub culture might expect something else, which puts her in the fetish corner of the gothic domain too. What else do we have? Yeah right: Her style! Nowadays, many of the young goth girls in the scene are as uninspired, boring, unwilling and lazy as all the normal girls you see out there. Dani is a refreshing extraordinaire in this matter too: Her elaborate outfits are always supplemented with sky high heels, no matter if charming stiletto pumps, stripper heels (in black), the default goth boots (hot version), super short mini skirts, corsets, heavy make up (really well done!), the will to show off and present her sex appeal and last but not least a strong love for stockings – somethings that is inevitable and crucial for a true goth doll and one of the many reasons why she is a true gimbo role model and a shining, guiding light for every single girl in the dark styles. You can see – this angel is always anxious about her presentation, her style and her appeal, wouldn’t surprise me if you would never ever see her in chunky flat shoes and lazy pants, without make up – just like it is supposed to be! A whole lot of text, and we didn’t even come to her body… but what should I say? You can see her slightly ehanced tits, her nice figure, her sweet ass, her long legs for yourself. Goth girls, gather and listen: THIS is your first goal! Try to become such a cute and sexy dark doll, let her give you inspiration regarding clothes, make up, style, shoes, skirts and so on! DARE to shape your body, DARE to enhance your tits! From there on… don’t stop… move further and strive for even more. And even to you, you “normal” bimbo trainees, she can be a prime example of a sexy angel that does many things right. Why not try to wear a corset, try to put on more make up, try to wear some stockings on a daily basis? Maybe try to wear some pvc or patent leather? No matter what, this stunning, amazing and pretty dark angel remains as one of the hottest girls in the goth sub culture and it is no wonder that we have to make her one of the prime rolemodels for all gimbo trainees out there!

…And yes, I know she does this wrong in some of her pics – something her cute little ass should be spanked for -.-

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