Bimbo role model – Allegra Cole

What a suitable rolemodel for our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits in two respects: Size and “what not to do in some regards”. Allegra Cole is a state of the art MILF bimbo, an outstanding example of how bimbos should look like once they left their 30s behind them and did understand, that being sexy and living the girly lifestyle is not only something that matters if you are 18. She keeps her body in great shape, dresses in a very bimbo suitable way and even continues to enhance and optimize her body – an attitude MANY younger dolls can cut a slice off, and only one of the aspects because of which Allegra is a guiding light for all the girls out there. First and foremost, the size of her tits is not only remarkable, but absolutely a prime example of how bimbos should please the basic rule regarding the size of their boobs – though not without flaws: A thing I mentioned, when you, as a bimbo trainee, are about to enhance your body, was the constraint to let only true professionals and specialists who know their crafts do the job! While being absolutely impressive in size, Allegras tits have some major problems, namely a dissimilarity regarding their position. On many pictures of her, you can see, that her left breast sits far higher than her right one – an imparity likely to be the result of the insufficient professional knowledge of the person who did overfill her saline expanders – which was done by… herself (according to many sources). Let this be an admonitory advisory to you: ALWAYS let professionals do the job! Every modification you plan to do to your body should be done by an expert with experience and great expertise! Apart from that, Allegra can be regarded as a simply stunning rolemodel! The amount of work she invests in her body should be seen as inspiring and exemplary – she can even be seen working out within the framework of a breast supporting training, very similar to the work out plan we discussed to enhance the appeal and size of your own tits. Do it like she does! THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE! But let us have a look at this sexy bimbo again: Beautiful, long, blonde hair, a sweet and beautiful face, that impressive rack, a well shaped body, some nice legs and a really good sense for styling and clothing. You can tell she likes to show off her cleavage, by respecting the basic rules for bimbos regarding this topic (f.e. here and here), as well as to show off her entire body and her legs, by dressing in nice, tight and short dresses and high heels. Her overall appeal is even more impressive, if you take a look at her past: Allegra grew up in a very conservative Mormon family – not quite the best hodbed for an aspiring bimbo rolemodel! She learned to play piano early and had many professional appearances on stage where she proved her talent and dedication, even though she is out of practice today, as she formulates it nowadays. Her desire to become a model and look like the infamous cartoon character “Jessica Rabbit” (something we will talk about in one of the upcoming parts of our bimbo cosplay series) led her on the road towards bimbo perfection – something she did to such an extend, that today, most young girls, women, bimbos and bimbo trainees can and should look up to her – and should try to equal her in those ambitions. In order to establish that connection, Allegra does something else very important and paradigmatic: She reaches out to other girls, bimbo dolls and trainees and establishes a personal relationship to them! This is absolutely fantastic, because it serves as a form of bimbo propaganda, very similar to the effect of BBFs pushing each other to reach new hights regarding their bimbo perfection! You can see her hanging out with many different bimbo girls, like Pixee Fox (here), Swedish Bella (here), Ariane Saint-Amour (here), Dolly Fox (here), even Amy Anderssen (here), and many other girls and women – so that the phrase “Allegra puts other bimbos/girls/pornstars to shame” has become quite a meme (here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here). This is exactly the kind of PR work the bimbofication culture needs, strong bonds between the girls there and the inducement to go even further and get even bigger tits. Hopefully, many of those girls will see Allegra as a leading example of how the bimbo appeal works and try to even her in regards of the size of their tits. And you should too! If you are a girl, woman, gimbo- or bimbo- trainee, take Allegra as your guiding light, read our series about the perfect bimbo tits and get some big, enhanced boobs – just like Allegra did!

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