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I’m always proud when I introduce a bimbo girl from Germany to the community. Especially if that girl isn’t already famous yet or so well known in the online bimbo scene and because there is a massive lack of dedicated and true bimbo dolls in Germany in general. The last German doll I talked about, was Kelly Pearl, with an interview in our PBA Spotlight category – an amazing, striving bimbo beauty, absolutely fitting our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits. But lets step up the game even more. A relatively unknown, dedicated bimbo rolemodel from Germany? A perfect, enhanced, sexy, fake bimbo doll? Perfect, massive, enhanced and fake bimbo tits – suitable to be part of our series about perfect bimbo tits? Let me introduce you to Pamela Carolin Blond.

So, what can I say. I’m honestly speechless. Let’s deal with some things we have to talk about first:

1. Is she for real? Can such a girl exist on our plane of reality? Yes, yes apparently she is real. There is a handfull of videos available online, showcasing that body and those tits, featuring her name (proof 1, proof 2, proof 3). “But you can fake videos too! Not just pictures! This is FAAAAKE!” – I hear you scream and ramble – and yes, of course this would be possible in theory, but there don’t seem to be any  salience in those videos, indicating that someone has messed with them, and it would be far too flamboyant, time consuming and elaborate to do something like that. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about to make such an expertise.

2. Does she mess around with Photoshop? Yes – thanks for making that clear. It is absolutely crystal clear she bustles around with some filters, especially in the facial area and even more noticeable on her nose. Is that good? No. But this is a common and absolutely established thing to do for bimbos in the online community – admittedly not often to such an extent. I am very sure she ist such a beauty that she wouldn’t have the need to do that, and that she would look even more beautiful without that digital help afterwards. However, this doesn not harm the shape of her tits and body and her general, extremely feminine and sexy features.

3. Now you’re going to hear me talking about something I don’t mention often. In fact, most of the times you heared me saying things sounding quite contrary to the stuff I’m going to say now (as in “work out until you have a perfect body!”), but I’ve got the feeling I have to address this here: There is an absolute limit to the level of slenderness you should achieve. A true bimbo doll is a slim and slender beauty, with a perfect body – BUT SHE IS NOT SCRAWNY! Apart from the catastrophic repercussions to your body, your life and your health, there is NOTHING beautiful about anorexia! Maintaining a level of thinness like this pathological – and SHOULD BE DEALT WITH IMMEDIATELY! This doll has to gain some pounds ASAP! Don’t get me wrong, this is not only about the (very real) risk of dying (!), something becoming increasingly inevitable if you go that way (apart from the afflictions you get until that point) – it is also exactly like I said: There is nothing beautiful about that! Bones are NOT sexy! A bimbo has the absolute and mandatory obligation to maintain a healthy and durable body – and a body which looks like that: Healthy and fit! There are many (MANY!) girls in the bimbo community who should lose some pounds – but apparently there is also the exact opposite. Girls: A perfect bimbo body is healthy, sexy, feminine, fit, perfect and beautiful. Not skinny, not fat, not chubby, not scrawny. Get a perfect bimbo body!

So, now we made that clear, let’s continue: Sadly, there isn’t much known about this unbelievable bimbo, apart from that she is from Germany, maintains an Instagram and is interested in Barbie, modeling, plastic, luxury, fashion and fitness – so far so good. By looking at her out-of-this-world rack, you can already tell I post her as a rolemodel for the ongoing series about “the perfect bimbo tits“, and this is not without a reason: THESE ARE THE PERFECT BIMBO TITS! The sheer size, volume, shape and form of these TITS is not only unbelivable, but also absolutely perfect, flawless and by any means admirable! Consider this a 99.995% level of perfection on the Bimbo Perfection Magnitude Scale regarding boobs! THIS is what every girl (and I absolutely mean, ANY girl out there, like in “ALL the girls and women”), every gimbo-,bimbo doll/trainee should strive for! This is your guiding light! Your prime example and your paradigm! What else is there left to say… after that… what can possibly be of any means in the face of such tits? My thoughts regarding her body are described above, but what else do we have here? Long, platinum blonde hair? Check and amazing! Bulky, big, enhanced lips? Check and amazing! An outstanding sense for style, fashion and showcasing her assets? Check and amazing! Ultra heavy make up? Check and amazing! Long, plastic, artificial fingernails? Check and amazing! As you can see, this doll has more to offer than just her tits – something we should not forget, even if her tits are so remarkable…

As our series about the perfect bimbo tits reaches towards its end, take her as one of the absolute leading rolemodels and prime examples for that – and do mark my words regarding the problems I’ve spoken about above! If someone knows more about this absolute bimbo princess and got further information – please, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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