Bimbo role model – Paulina J. Candy

We continue our efforts of bringing the most point-blank true bimbo content possible, after we already talked about bimbo rolemodels and absolute princesses Haley Layne and Adriana Alencar, both emblematic embodiments of the term bimbo, showcasing exactly what is meant when this word gets used here, following the recent PBA definition of the term bimbo. Within this “fundamental bimbo months”, we also had a look at the very basic but important “three pillars of bimbofication” and at one of the most essential fashion pieces for bimbos, the white, pleated micro skirt – so we continue with another “perfect” rolemodel, another queen and true incarnation of the bimbo definition: Paulina J. Candy! You bet the frontpage of this blog will be covered with busty, blond, big-titted bimbo beauties until the end of the year – and todays rolemodel is truly a sensation even amongst the very high ranking stars of bimbofication! The level of body-perfection this doll achieved is nothing less than legendary and many girls should take her as a prime example of how a bimbo body should be shaped in general! Let us take a step back and start from the beginning – but not without me telling you that this doll expresses and unites MANY of the rules, lessons, advice, suggestions and properties we already talked about here on the Pink Bimbo Academy (very similar to beforementioned goddess Haley Layne, who does in fact so many things right – I never could link so many articles before, as I could in her rolemodel post!) beforehand. This fact explains why she could become such a stunning, nearly perfect bimbo princess (you see, you should listen to what I say!) and why she easily is a current top 10 bimbo for me, exactly like Haley Layne, Candy Charms, KissApril, Sarah Marie Summer and others.

Paulina, though living in London (like many truly feminine girls do, or at least, living in Great Britain overall), was born in Poland (like many truly feminine girls originate from “eastern Europe” – compare them to their “masculine, ’emancipated’, disgusting counterparts” from central Europe…) and started her bimbofication early and right away when she had the possibility to do so: The first out of three breast augmentations happened directly when she became 18, marking her first step towards bimbo perfection, something she had always dreamed of: “Since I was a young girl, I’ve always dreamed to have a perfect body like a Barbie doll. When I was younger, MTV promoted playboy episodes for Girls Next Door and I fell in love with the whole Playboy lifestyle. The girls looked so beautiful and I would dream to be one of them (…) – That gave me the inspiration to make a lot of changes to my body. After that, I decided to get bigger size boobs and lips as I see it as more sexual and seductive.” (- Interview with the Dailymail). Since then Paulina underwent many surgical procedures to enhance her look, like EVERY bimbo should, including bum implants, lip fillers, cheek fillers, a nosejob (“Barbie rhinoplasty”), a procedure that dissolves hyaluronic acid on the face and replaces it with natural fat from the tummy, the beforementioned two additional breast augmentations and a fat transfer to increase the volume of her tits even further (which proves that all the known techniques of shaping the body of a bimbo can and should be combined!), resulting in 1500+cc implants with additional fat-support, ending up with J-cups and a perfectly shaped body! Paulina showcases absolute perfectionism and a level of dedication which makes me wanna cry: “I am a very determined person and for me it is more important for me to achieve this look than any pain that comes with the procedures.” (- Interview with the Daily Star). THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! THIS IS THE EXACT IDEOLOGY I DESCRIBED IN OUR ARTICLE ABOUT THE “CHURCH OF PLASTIC”! It is NEVER about convenience or restraint! THIS is the self-image, the self-conception, the self-understanding – the high demands on herself, the self-given, high standards a bimbo (actually ANY girl) HAS TO HAVE to be a bimbo! This counts FOR ALL THE RULES: Too lazy or whiny to always wear high heels? PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER AND SET SOME STANDARDS! Satisfied with your body shape? Get your shit together and go to the gym! Be as sexy, feminine and slinky as possible! It is your DUTY as a female and especially as a bimbo doll, following the PBA definition of the term! Girls who don’t have this mindset are utterly frustrating to me and will have a very hard time to become a true bimbo doll.

But Paulinas will to reach bimbo perfection doesn’t end with her plastic positive mindset: ” From the age of twenty, I came into fitness and I trained one or two times in the gym every day. (…) My diet is very strict but sometimes I will have a cheat meal like sushi or pasta in a restaurant.” (- Interview with the DailyMail.) – Again another statement hinting at her total dedication: Two times work out at the gym EVERY DAY! Plus a VERY strict diet! The trinity of her surgical procedures, her diet and her dedicated workout are exactly what I am talking about here withing this project: Following the bimbo definition, every girl has to exhaust ALL these aspects and combine every possibility to improve! You CAN NOT just leave something out! Her body is the result of a disciplined, ambitious and nearly self-sacrificing bimbofication process – something every girl HAS TO DO and something absolutely mandatory and crucial, not only to achieve such a perfect body, close to bimbo perfection, but also to achieve the title “bimbo” overall! In the end, Paulina confirms the benefits of her enhancements as an increase in quality of living (something we also talked about before, and a vital function of the bimbo mindset!): “I was the same person before my surgeries, but my confidence has increased a lot and I feel much happier about myself.” (- Interview with the Daily Star). Not only that, but again, Paulina expresses her bimbo mindset and cuts right to the chase of the matter what bimbofication is all about, and how girls should be – reminding us of the duty females have: “In my opinion, every woman needs to take care of herself, keep her body in good shape and maintain a positive mind, to feel more confident and sexy – for yourself, not anyone else.” (- Interview with the DailyMail).

Of course there are the additional benefits of bimbofication, many properties we also talked about, for example in our article about “if bimbos should be blondes“: “Many guys say that I look like a Nicolette Shea, and they dream to be with me. I have a long line of guys who want to date me but at the moment I’m single – (…) – I receive a lot of attention from both genders; women are very jealous of my look and criticise me, many guys go crazy about me and even propose to me on the first day we meet or even online.” (- Interview with the DailyMail). Again, this is exactly what I am always talking of: Bimbos ARE better! Men ALWAYS prefer bimbos like her! “Normal girls” are nothing but bickering, eaten-up-with-envy hick girls compared to princesses like her. Every girl who isn’t just plain stupid should want to become such a bimbo beauty! Take her as your rolemodel! She IS a guiding light for every girl and every bimbo trainee out there! Interestingly, Paulina states that, although she was able to fund most of her enhancements on her own (including many possibilities we talked about regarding this topic), she had support from different men, mostly ex-boyfriends, who encouraged and partly funded her multiple surgeries – like I would advise EVERY man to do! This is some kind of duty too!

But now let us have a closer look at this angel. Granted, Paulina did start her bimbofication early and as an already sweet and cute girl, but noone could imagine what amazing beauty this princess would be able to achieve: Perfect, long, blond hair, an angelic, sweet and gorgeous face, with a perfect Barbie nose and big, puffy, enhanced lips, close to bimbo perfection. Paulinas makeup skills are simply mindblowing, and her style reaches from “pink girly Barbie doll” to “wicked, posh princess” – a range perfectly suited for a true bimbo. Her big, enhanced tits do respect the basic bimbo rule and are an absolute eyecatcher, ALWAYS set in scene and showcased like it is demanded by the various rules we stated here at the Pink Bimbo Academy! Her nearly-perfect tits (could be bigger) coronate her stunning, absolute perfect body: Slim arms, an immaculately shaped body, a thoroughly fit and flat belly, a small waist without ANY fat, pristine skin, a feminine silhouette with wide hips and a perfect ass. It can’t really become any better. THIS is how the body of a bimbo looks like! This is the sheer definition of the term bimbo – like we stated in our respective article! Her long, sexy legs are just the crowning conclusion of this magnum opus in bimbofication. Likewise, her style is also absolutely exemplary: Not only does this girl always wear high heels, stockings and makeup, she also respects the rules about skirt lengths and heel heights, as well as the general rules for bimbos regarding clothes and what to wear. Paulina loves to play with the typical bimbo stereotypes, like wearing that famous Baywatch swimsuit similar to Pamela Andersons from Baywatch, or giving us a nearly perfect rendition of the bimbo schoolgirl. This babe knows how a bimbo dresses, and she absolutely does know what benefits “cosplaying” has for bimbos – as well as what men like to see. This attitude, her own playful bimbo mindset, her perfect bimbo appearance and her total dedication do line up her with the most perfect bimbo queens out there, like Candy Charms, Lolo Ferrari, Haley Layne and others – as I said in the beginning.

From November to the end of the year, we are talking about THE bimbo related stuff. Not some minor details, not loosely connected aspects. We made the basic definition of the term bimbo and we already had some rolemodels who are the definite incarnation of this term (like the last one here and here). Paulina J. Candy is no exception and not without a reasons I introduced her to you within this time: This is how a bimbo has to be and how a bimbo has to look like! If you are a girl, and you are not like her – you are NOT a bimbo, and you should question yourself profoundly. Take her total dedication, her discipline, her devotion, her mindset, her ideals, her self-concept, her demands and, of course, her appeal as your guiding light! This is a prime example! This is how girls should be! THIS is your leading rolemodel! Prove yourself worthy!

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