Bimbo role model – Sara Fabbro

As you guys know, I try to connect and build up on most successive articles here on the site, which is the reason why I was looking for a rolemodel that would be a suitable example of very well showcased lips, following the last PBA makeup series article about “letting your lips appear bigger with makeup”. Without a doubt, I succeeded with todays bimbo princess, as you can see. Not only does she have remarkable lips, she also serves as a wonderful bimbo rolemodel in so many other aspects, that I am really happy to introduce you to: Sara Fabbro! Not much is known about this Canadian beauty, only that she, like many other extremely feminine, sexy and beautiful bimbo princesses, used to be a target of online harassment campaigns, executed by envious, resentful, hateful and jealous masses of retards, losers and idiots. This stupidity forced her to fly under the radar of the general public online and thereby of the bimbo community which is understandable, but also a real shame likewise. Girls like Sara should be worshipped and empowered – not attacked and harassed, but this again shows us in what kind of society we are currently living: True, feminine princesses are hounded, while unfeminine hicks are celebrated for their “stunning and proud” actions. Brave New World. However, enough negativity for today – let us have a look at this true princess:

Sara has more or less the go-to hair for bimbos: Very long, smooth and platinum blond. This is exactly what we like to see here at the Pink Bimbo Academy! Her beautiful, angelic face concists of big, open eyes, a cute “Barbie nose” and her big, enhanced, perfectly showcased lips! Within the Bimbo community, this is what we would call “DSP” – or “Dick Sucking Lips” – also exactly what we love to see here at the PBA and an aspect that makes her the perfect rolemodel for the beforementioned article of the bimbo makeup series. Saras Face is always covered with a perfectly applied, ultra-feminine layer of thick makeup, further enhancing her beauty and her stunning visual appeal – again – exactly like we want to see it here at the Pink Bimbo Academy! This is how it is done, girls! Just a sidenote: Sara seems to love big, golden hoop earrings, once more – exactly what we propagate here at the PBA, as the PERFECT choice for bimbos! Her nearly perfect, slim and extremely well toned body is crowned by some huge, enhanced tits. Of course, we would like to see even bigger implants (naturally!), but even her current size is not bad, if we recall the basic rule for the minimum breast size for bimbos. A cute, glittering navel piercing creates that “typical bimbo appeal”, representing more or less the only type of piercing the Pink Bimbo Academy does recommend for bimbos. This very bimboish accessory completes the sexy appeal of her flat belly and goes together REALLY well with her nearly perfectly tanned skin. THIS is the tone you want to go for, girls! Sara seems to value long, elaborate fingernails, which is also perfectly appropriate for a true bimbo doll. What else do we have? Very long, perfectly shaped legs? Check! A nice, toned butt? Check! And again: A nearly PERFECT body shape? Chek! A very good sense for styling and clothes completes the picture and makes absolutely clear what kind of girl we are looking at here: A stunning, pristine, sexy, feminine and extremely beautiful bimbo rolemodel! A girl that would deserve the highest respect from everybody else – praise and support, but instead got nothing but envy and resentment… What a cruel, unfair and twisted world! I hope you, my readers, are different! Look at this princess as one of THE rolemodels to follow! This is an angel that embraced her femininity and celebrates it! A girl that embraced plastic perfection! BE LIKE HER! Respect her and try to equal her! Especially in times like these, when femininity is about to “get canceled” – we desperately NEED princesses like her! This should be the future of femininity – not the hateful, toxic and masculinity-emulating chimera we see out there! THIS is feminine beauty and perfection!

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