The PBA readers survey (other)

Welcome to your PBA reader survey (other) - After you submit your answers, you will be redirected to an additional survey, which will help me to understand my readers even better. With these additional information, I am able to produce even further customized content - in addition, you support me by participating! In the end a free "thanky you gift" is waiting for you!

You are:
Are you aware of the fact, that the Pink Bimbo Academy deals with real life bimbofication ONLY - and doesn't support or endorse "sissification", roleplaying, cyber-roleplaying, fake personas, etc.? No special content is provided for this!
If I should suggest special "sissie-content" or bimbo roleplaying content to my community, what would be some ideal sources? (Use the comment box to drop links!)
Is there something else you would like me to know?