The new, specific PBA reader survey

With new content on the way and the style check we posted today, there is another thing I want to deal with. Two years ago, I posted a survey, because I wanted to know more about my readers and followers in order to customize the content I bring to you even further. The overwhelming participation of you guys made it easier for me to understand my audience, but that was quite a while ago and that survey had a pretty… “general nature”. This time, I created a far more specific survey, because I have some very special articles in mind, depending on the results of this poll…

If you want to help me out, take just a few minutes and answer some questions – the data will be submitted anonymously. Click on the link below and answer to the first question – you will be redirected to a special, customized block of questions – and after that, there will be an additional survey with a free “thank you gift” in the end, which will help me to optimize this project even more. So, what are you waiting for, support me, answer these questions and claim your free gift in the end! Win-win for all of us! Thank you very much for your participation!

[qsm_link id=3]Continue to the survey![/qsm_link]

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