Gimbos – Introduction to gimbos

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Imagine your favourite, blonde, big titted bimbo doll had a twin sister. But she’s the chilled part of the family – the dark other half of her sister. The same sexappeal, same sense for style and the same need to stand out – multiplied by 10. So, get ready for some dark stockings, latex, patent leather, corsets, victorian dresses and high boots – Introducing: Gimbos!

As you all guessed, “Gimbo” is a portmanteau

of the words “Gothic” and “Bimbo”. So far so good, so why is it necessary to create a new notation (btw. it wasn’t created by me, it’s around for quite some time now) for a lifestyle and optical choice where every girl is and looks “the same”, regardless of the subculture she is from or the music style she is into? You could never tell if a bimbo is into rap or minimal house music, because the bimbo lifestyle determines her optical appearance. This doesn’t work so well in the dark subculture, where a strict code of conduct is maintained, and where dresscodes are a scene-statement. Ofcourse this doesn’t mean there aren’t any bimbos in the gothic subculture – hell no. The gothic scene has some of the most dressed up to the nines, attention-grabbing, sex hungry, feminine, show-off-girls on this planet. They look a little different, but it’s not like it’s less sexy or feminine. But let’s not talk about differences, let’s talk about, what gimbos and bimbos have in common:

– Absolute addiction to stand out. That’s a real challenge in a subculture where everyone tries to be “special” and some girls try to be the “club queen of the night”.

– Strong make up and styling skills. Goth girls wear heavy make up. Gimbos even more. And: Have a look at the hairstyles above…

– Sexy clothing. High heel boots, short mini skirts, corsets and choker? You name it! Must do in the goth scene, at least for the girls who are serious. And those clothes are way more accepted in the scene, then anywhere else. But later to that…

– Submissive sexual predisposition. You could argue that’s not very unlikely for a girl who enters the goth subculture… and yes, it’s somewhat natural.

– Bisexual behaviour. Ever been to a gothparty? 🙂

– Open sexual lifestyle. There is a song… “Goth girls are easy” – okay, that’s harsh, but not out of nowhere.

– Strong sense for feminine style and aesthetics.

So, what is special about those gimbos, you might ask. Well, you know, many members in the dark subculture feel like outcasts of the mainstream, or better: LIKE to feel like outcasts of the mainstream, and are willing to accept things open minded and with open arms that are frowned upon in other subcultures or the mainstream, as long it is compatible to the dark lifestyle. Many “normal” girls consider wearing stockings in a visible way (ultra short mini skirt) slutty, or would never wear some plateau stripper heels or patent leather overknee boots with fishnet stockings in public. Corsets are something you will most likely never see in a mainstream club, same goes for latex or an interesting mixture of a victorian princess and a vampire-slut. All of this is very casual and considered normal in a goth club. Real gimbo queens do this in perfection and with a
fair amount

of sweet and feminine arrogance and sexappeal. Sadly the body modification part of the bimbo lifestyle hasn’t really made an impact to the gimbos – yet! I picked the last picture of this set to show, that there are goth girls with big silicone tits, but sadly I haven’t found any more. Just imagine those other girls with those big boobs. So, this is my introduction to gimbos – a new section of my blog. Expect some details and more examples in the future. And goth girls: Be open minded and curious as you always are – once more and – go for bigger tits and bigger lips! Show the world that gimbos are something that must be taken into consideration when talking about bimbos and the way girls should be!

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