Bimbo role model – Taylor Wane

Ever saw a MILF you wanted to bent over your knee, spank her sexy ass and say something like; “what a bad, bad girl” – as you would do to a 19 years old bimbo schoolgirl? Well, I don’t think that’s something that happens very often, but when Taylor Wane enters the scene, things are much different. Being a veteran in the bimbo culture, she shows us that “being a bimbo”, “living as a pink, plastic, sexy girl” and “having fun being a cute doll” has nothing to do with age. Apart from being a stunning beauty, the spectrum of roles she can slip into, is astounding and stunning: Everything from the cute, naughty, little schoolgirl to the pink plastic doll, up to the black latex wearing officer, is a piece of cake for her. Always convincingly, always with a lot of fun, always sexy, and always with her breathtaking bimbo-touch. Look at those stunning pumped up, big lips, that beautiful face, her long hair (which she colors in many different variations – never boring!) her big tits, her long legs and that flawless body. Also we’ve got to mention her crazy, sick make up skills (some of the very best by far in the bimbo culture) and her assured feeling for style, clothing and esthetics. This woman is never styled in a boring, casual or just average way – she’s always a flaming beacon for every wanna-be-bimbo out there. I wish, she would have decided to go for much bigger tits, which would compliment her even more, but nevertheless, she is one of the best, cute, little, sexy bimbo girls out there.

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