Bimbo role model – Wendy Whoppers

Perhaps one of my most beloved classic bimbo rolemodels. Look at this stunning, PERFECT body. Look at this rack. Wendy Whoppers expels most of modern bimbos to the rear places. A slim, flawless body, a flat belly, long legs, a pretty face, long, blonde hair and, of course, her massive pair of beautiful tits. There aren’t many bimbos today, which can compete with this body and these tits. Apart from her giant rack and her pristine body shape, Wendy Whoppers managed to retain a classy, precious and stylish look to herself, mixed with the right amout of sex appeal and bimboish appeal. She always demonstrated a sure hand in choosing her jewelry, her clothes, her accessories and her high heels – an ability most modern-day bimbos are missing these days. I cannot repeat it often enough to you bimbos out there, to sometimes take a look back in time and recognize the benchmarks other bimbo girls set before you. Why not open yourself to the sheer beauty of this perfect doll and her perfect tits and have a little piece of her appeal rub off on you? 😉

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