2. BBFs – BBFs help each other

Like normal best friends, BBFs will help each other whenever needed. This includes, but is not limited to common friendly turns, everyone knows from their good friends – and is somewhat extended to special bimbo related actions. A BBF wants her accomplice to be the best she can be, even though they do compete for attention in a friendly, healthy way. This kind of assistance reaches from urgent, immediate help, to long-term aid and general advises to become an even better bimbo, or to solve special problems. Quite apart from the fact, that this helping hand can unburden the trainer in many situations, there are simply many circumstances in which the trainer is not able to help or assist his bimbo. Nevertheless a bimbo trainer should have basic knowledge of make up, make up brands, basic techniques of styling and so on, it is not to assume that he can apply these techniques or put them into practice. A well-versed BBF however, can come in very handy when it comes to preparing for a party or fixing the style, during a night out in the clubs, in the ladies’ room. Not only is a BBF experienced in all different practices of adjusting affected make up or teaching your bimbo some completly new techniques, she also has the right tools and equipment with her. Your bimbo’s lipstick broke? Her eyeliner got lost? She forgot to take her powder with her? Fear not, her BBF is more than willing to help her out. Same goes for attire, accessoires and special pieces of clothing. Your bimbo got a fancy, new top with a low neckline you told her to wear this evening, but there isn’t a single suitable mini skirt in her wardrobe? She got a tear in her stocking during your night out? The little golden chain around her waist did rip? Don’t worry, her BBF will be there to help. She will lend her a fitting mini skirt, fix the little golden chain with a small, golden safety pin and give your bimbo a pair of new stockings, she’s always carrying around in her handbag. Outside of the fact, that a bimbo trainer doesn’t know most of the practices that maintain the styled beauty of his bimbos and he doesn’t have the special items with him to fix affected parts, in most situations there isn’t the possibilty for him to accompany his bimbo(s) to where the damage is dealt with: The ladie’s room. Only few bimbos will show the weakness of fixing their eyeshadow and glitter in the wilderness of a club, in the middle of jealous, normal girls. And maybe they both don’t want you to see them with smeared make up? Something that’s very positive, because it does mean, both of them want to appeal in a flawless, perfect way to you. Every trainer needs to understand the importance of BBFs helping each other in the privacy of the ladie’s room. This does improve the solidarity, the strong affection and  the fellowship between both girls greatly! And this is exactly what you want. In the long run, there are many more benefits of helping BBFs: Maybe a BBF has some special abilites neither you or your bimbo have. Maybe she is a trained make up artist, an educated personal trainer, an experienced seamstress and does know how to sew the dress tighter or she personally knows the seller of that hip high heel boutique and does get special offers there? Maybe she already did enhance her tits and can give some advises to your doll? Nevertheless the BBF will be an important and not to underestimate help in many, different situations. She will be a perfect shopping accompaniment (Do you know what your bimbos dress size is, or what a merry widow body looks like (though you should)? No? Do not worry, her BBF will know).  You have no interest in fashion and do not know what heels your bimbo speaks of, she discovered in the last boutique (though you should)? Don’t be afraid, her BBF does exactly know what she means and will bring her the correct designer heels in no time. Your bimbo has to lose some weight? Maybe her BBF had the same problems and can give her some perfectly working training advises. The champagne run out while your bimbos dress up for the party? The arriving BBF brings a new bottle for your girls to pre-party. As you can see, a BBF is a perfect help and important partner to you and your bimbo(s). As I already mentioned in part I of this series, try to encourage your bimbo and her BBFs and reinforce the special and deep bonds between them. Also don’t forget to remind your doll to be an equivalent, helping BBF to her BBFs in return. Together they will help each other through every (bimbo related) crisis.

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