3. BBFs – BBFs develop girly group activities

Girls giggling, tattling and whispering, sitting around several bottles of champagne, talking about shoes and fashion, watching tv shows and certain movies and celebrating their beauty day – This is a common picture, everybody has in mind thinking about girly group activities – and it’s not wrong. Well, a little bit one-sided, but certainly not wrong. There are many other activites girls tend to develop, once they are crowded on one place and get on well with one another. We already covered the shopping behaviour of BBFs, another girly group activity, resulting from girls being on good terms, as well as the common group based make up activity and several beauty treatments. Given the fact, that all these situations have the reputation of being somewhat a stereotype or cliche, there is certainly more to it. Many men (and maybe trainers) dread these gatherings and role their eyes even thinking about it. Can girly group activities be of any good? Is there any reason a trainer has to endure two or three or maybe even more giggling girls in his living room? What are the advantages? Let me clear this up for you:

1. The bimbofication culture welcomes any behaviour and aspect that ist generally considered as “feminine”. In fact, the whole idea of bimbofication is to honor the exaggerated understanding of what is feminine or considered as girly behaviour and take it to the limit. Often many men limit this fundamental premise to body aspects, like tits (tits = feminine; giant tits = bimbo), or clothes (pink, girly clothes = feminine; bright pink, sexy, girly clothes = bimbo) but forget that the whole understanding of what is commonly determined as feminine, consists of many more aspects. It is risky and maybe even harmful to remove or neglect single elements of the whole “girly concept”, and it can not be expected to gain the desired result by doing that. It is quite obvious that every trainer is way more interested in his bimbo getting massive tits, and not so in her having some BBFs  at her place to celebrate a beauty day. This is quite shortsighted and not very strategic. Girly group activities, whether representing a cliche in some dimensions or not, play a big role in the understanding of feminine behaviour and are therefore an important aspect of the bimbofication process. There will be much better results with your bimbo having a BBF and developing girly group activites with her, in the long run. Experiencing positive feedback in these situations, your bimbo is more likely to accept other aspects of “girly elements”.

2. As I mentioned, we already covered the support BBFs give each other regarding their bimbofication process and why you should encourage your bimbo in participating. Girly group activites are exatly the situations where this support is generated and established. Only few other things will bind two bimbos together like sharing a bottle of champagne, tattling and dressing up together. In these situations your bimbos will encourage each other, to make progress in their bimbofication, by making compliments to each other, talking about their new high heels, the last lip filling, trendy make up and the ugly, boring bitch they saw in the club the last weekend. Here they will team up against external elements, plan their next outfits and approve the progress they already made.

3. Although you may slander about these girly gatherings in public….. be honest for a second: You like it. Maybe you’re sitting in front of your pc right now, with 3 bimbo trainees in the living room, giggling and laughing, drinking champagne, swapping clothes and planning their next, sexy party outfits. Listen to this success, the fruit of your labor and admit you’re smiling right now. Well, at least that’s how I’m reacting to it. Everytime I sit in my home office, hearing the laughter, the sound of several high heels on the floor and the noise of another opened bottle of champagne, I have to smile and enjoy what I have accomplished. That’s the moment right before I enter the living room: “Hi, girls…!”. And that’s the way you should do it too: Enjoy these gatherings, see them as proof everything is working out well and your bimbo is on a good way. And… girly group activites are a situation where you can expand your influence over other bimbo trainees… But that’s another topic we will cover in the future.

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