Bimbo role model – Chloe Khan (Chloe Mafia)

Our last “non-blonde-bimbo-rolemodel” was posted some time ago, so let’s have a look at another true bimbo queen with dark hair. Chloe Khan, naming herself “Chloe Victoria” at that time, first introduced herself on the british casting show “The X-Factor” in 2010. She appeared as a girl, most british people would call “trashy, chav essex girl” (as far as I know), and – in the end – couldn’t satisfy the audience with her performance, soon to be the most hated woman in Britain. Six years ago, she was a cute, little bimbo trainee with a face caked in makeup and definetly the right attitude – but look what she represents today: She build herself up to a perfect, classy, sexy and stylish bimbo rolemodel, with a beautiful, cute face, a flawless body, some big enhanced tits, long legs and an exquisite taste in fashion, styling and appearance. Who would have thought, that this young bimbo attendee would emerge to a professional, successful, clever business woman, making very much money and simultaneously becoming one of the sexiest bimbo dolls in the whole scene, promoting the bimbo lifestyle and culture to many, many other young girls. The past she left behind, is likewise asthonishing as the transformation she did from an average, boring, young girl to the doll princess we see today. She had several cosmetic surgeries (nose, tits, lips) and evolved her style drastically. Let her be your rolemodel, you young, insecure bimbo trainees, look at her transformation, her lifestyle, her body and her success! You can do that to – just start with your bimbo transformation!

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