Bimbo training – Bimbo hairstyling: “The default bimbo hairstyle”

As promised, here is the first real lesson regarding the topic of bimbo hairstyling (yes, I know, it has taken it’s time, but I really had a lot of work to do :/ ). We already talked about how important hairstyling is for a real bimbo doll and how important it is to master several different techniques to achieve dozens of different looks, which are all very important for a bimbo – at least sometimes, like pigtails or the bun hairstyle. We are starting with some of the most common hairstyles you might have seen in the bimbo culture, something I call the “default bimbo hairstyle”, because so many dolls in this scene tend to use it, no other hairstyle cries out louder: “I am a bimbo” and it is fairly easy to achieve. “Big glamorous curls” or “big classy waves” are some terms you might see if you keep looking for this look on the internet, bringing home the message why this style is so immensely popular in the bimbo culture. This hairstyle is extremely sexy, indeed very glamorous, voluminous, startling and has that certain “pornstar feeling” to it, which is an enrichment for every bimbo doll out there (Often, pornstar hair is really wavy or a mass of curls.). Every doll should practice this, until she is able to achieve this look in no time and with her eyes closed. Try to maintain this look every day, until it becomes your default styling. For this lesson, I actually had a talk with my bimbos, letting them explain to me how this style is created and what products they use to achieve this look. This lesson paper gives you some of the names of products they like to use, but they assured me, that it might be a matter of taste at the end of the day. If you would like to get another advise on how to create this look, I suggest you have a look at this video.

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