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1. Breaking Bimbo News – Candy Plastique got her Big Bimbo Tits!

It is done! Celebrate guys, Candy Plastique had her surgery and finally got her big bimbo tits! The surgery went well and Candy is already recovering! This comes perfectly in time for our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits! Congratulations! And thank you to all the supporters who donated to her! We accompanied her on her journey nearly from the very beginning, she was one of the first bimbo trainees who appeared in our spotlight series (more to come!) and I called for support from the start. In fact, I donated most of what I got from my own supporters to her bimbofication – something that surely is welcomed by all of you. Thank you for that guys! Be sure to visit her Patreon where she will post some pics of her big, new tits in the near future when she fully recovered – further support is also welcomed, because, as we all know, a bimbo is never perfect and a bimbofication is never done. I already heard her saying that she is about to strive for new goals, more bimboish modifications and who knows… maybe even bigger tits in the future 😉 – That said, I added a Candy Plastique supporter shirt to my merch shop – everything I will get from that will be donated to her and her further bimbofication! Thank you guys!

2. Big Q&A incoming!

I already mentioned my overflowing inbox over the last weeks – and it got even worse. I can’t answer to all your questions in time and it keeps stacking up. While I also said I don’t want this blog to become a pure Q&A thing – I now decided to dedicate the next 10 posts (at minimum) to give answers to your questions, just to reduce the amount of messages in my inbox a little. Remember: I will work on those questions in the order they came in – so it doesn’t make any sense bombarding me with questions and expect to see an answer soon (although I will answer to EVERY question you ask me). Although I really do love the feature of tumblr to let you guys ask me questions anonymously (an important feature for many of my followers, who might not want to be associated with the topic of bimbofication in public or with their own blog in front of their followers) – I keep thinking about prefering non-anonymously asked questions and give answers to those first. This is not because I dislike you guys asking me anonymously, but because I have the feeling, that many, many of those questions are asked by just one or maybe a handful of users. While there is no problem in principle with that either, it is a matter of fact that in times like these, when dozens of questions roll over me, it is a bit unfair to users who just ask me one thing they really want to know, that those have to wait literally months, while someone else gets 10 or 20 of his questions answered, because he bombarded me with these questions in a rapid storm first. Long story short, I can’t tell if multiple questions I received anonymously are sent to me from multiple users or just one guy. So – I’m thinking about prefering non-anonymously questions… let me know what you think about that in the comments below.

3. New stuff in the PBA merch shop again!

The PBA merch shop got a reboot early this year, and still there are not all of the old items back – but again – there are some more! Have a look at the new stuff and the improved items, like the “Official Pink Bimbo Academy approved Bimbo Trainee shirt” (in different versions!) and support me! New stuff is on the way and the missing items will be added over the next days. Go shopping and tell me what you think about that merch in the comments 😉

Thanks again guys, as I said, I will deal with some questions first over the next days, then we continue with our multiple part series “The Perfect Bimbo Tits”, we’ve got some new bimbo rolemodels upcoming, new lessons, new items and more of our mini series like “The Bimbo Color Theory”. Cya 😉

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