The PBA project survey

Welcome to the first PBA site survey! Because I rarely get any feedback on reddit or in the comment section, but nevertheless would like to improve, I ask you to answer some questions I prepared to learn more about my audience and what you expect of this project or what you would like to see here in the future. Please take a few minutes and participate, this will help me to enhance the quality of this site and to bring you the stuff you really want. This is completely anonymous and nobody will be able to see who answered what – not even myself. If you want to help me out further, you can answer some questions in the supported PBA Porn Survey, where you will get a reward in the end. Thanks for your answers, and thank you very much you took the time to help me improving!

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3 thoughts on “The PBA project survey

    1. No need to thank me! I’m just glad you like the stuff I’m doing! Feel free to let me always know what you guys are thinking!

  1. I’m excited about this site, how it was conceptualized, pitched to other social media outlets, and cross linked sites, a lovely practice, all while operating and performing flawlessly. You must have a dedicated IT staff, and a bevy of cum bleached pink bimbos as academy consultants. This site is detailed and STRAC.
    Any chance you may have seen hints of OCD symptoms while putting this colossal joint venture together? It’s unlike any other site for Bimbo development , building new non standard relationships, or any so called “fringe like desires.”
    Please don’t stop, or cum yet….

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