The PBA readers survey (trans)

Welcome to your PBA reader survey (trans) - After you submit your answers, you will be redirected to an additional survey, which will help me to understand my readers even better. With these additional information, I am able to produce even further customized content - in addition, you support me by participating! In the end a free "thanky you gift" is waiting for you!

You are:
Are you aware, that the Pink Bimbo Academy doesn't provide specific trans-content?
If I should suggest specific "trans-bimbo" sources to my trans followers, is there something you can point me at? (Use the comment box to provide links!)
Regarding your transition, what are your plans?
In my FAQ, I stated that while a trans-girl CAN become a bimbo doll, it is a very, long and difficult way to go. Do you know any trans-girls who became perfect bimbo dolls? (Use comment box to drop names!)
Is there anything else you want me to know?