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Depending on where you are in the world (The PBA gets visitors from all over the world, in fact, only 15 countries/regions in the world are still missing, sooo… if you know someone from Greenland, Svalbard, Haiti, the Western Sahara, Mauritania, Chad, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Gabon, Lesotho, Eswatini, Madagascar, Benin, the Solomon Islands and… North Korea – of course, tell them to visit the Pink Bimbo Academy in order to spread the word ALL over the world – the rest of the 195 countries is pretty much covered, which means – I got at least one visitor from those.) you might already miss those sunny, warm days on which girls and bimbo dolls dress in revealing, permissive outfits, maybe even in bikinis or swimwear on their way to the beach or the pool. Here it is f-ing cold and rainy, so it is a personal matter to come up with a style check that reminds me of brighter times of the year, or scenarios in which a bimbo doll has the opportunity to put on her special outfit to spend a day at the beforementioned beach or pool:

So, a style check about bimbo swimwear it is, although there will be a whole article about that in the future! Let us have a first look at this adorable, young bimbo trainee presenting her pool-outfit: This young trainee has absolutely fantastic, very long, blond hair, with a cute, girly fringe hairstyle, supporting her sweet and adorable nature. The length of her hair is remarkable and should be a guideline for every other girl, as well as the bright, blond color (although it could be even longer, reaching to her ass). Her sweet face is covered with a reasonable amount of makeup, although it could be MUCH more (speaking of lipstick/gloss etc.), except for the heavy, dark eye-make up, which is just perfect. Yes, even for a day in the water or at the beach/pool, a bimbo has to respect the basic rules of makeup for bimbos, so this is done quite well. Noticeable are her big hoop earrings, exactly how it should be – a PERFECT choice in every situation, thereby also for splashing in the water or lying on a towel in the sun for a whole day. Lying in the sun is exactly what she needs, regarding her pale skintone and the visible blemishes, so tanning is absolutely the right thing to have in mind for her, something she is undoubtedly going to do with this outfit. The earrings get accompanied by additional jewelry, namely, two bracelets which will sparkle and glitter in the sun, drawing MUCH attention on her, exactly how it should be – and a single ankle chain, which is always a good idea for a good bimbo doll. Yes – a bimbo should wear much jewelry, and this also applies for a day on the beach, so – everything done right here! Although this young trainee is a bit toooo skinny for my taste, it is fair to say that she does have an amazing body! Assuming she just started her bimbofication, she already got some fairly decent breastimplants, much too small for a true bimbo, but exactly right for a beginner doll who just started with her modifications, provided she will enhance herself in the future. Let us now come to the true star of the show: The pink, leopard print bikini! A PERFECT choice for a true bimbo! Pink is the color to go – an unequivocal, clear statement and a true expression of her feminine, girly, bimboish persona! The shimmering, glossy leopard print is one of the best choices she could make and guarantees that she showcases herself and her body in the best possible way, drawing MUCH attention and looks! Sure, the cups could be smaller, but as long as she keeps on wearing this bikini when her tits are much bigger, this will be the correct size, following the basic rules of showcasing the boobs of a bimbo in the best ways possible. The bikini panties on the other hand, have exactly the right size: Tiny, cute, small, revealing and sexy! Just a small pink, leopard strip, held together by some polished metalrings. This is how it should be! However, there is one major drawback here: These panties do NOT comply with the important rule of panties for bimbos! They are way to horizontal, instead of forming a sharp V-shape, promoting her hips and legs! There is much room for improvement there! Last thing – her shoes: PERFECT choice again! Very high, platform-stiletto stripper heels, most likely a variant of the Pleaser Crystal line, matching the lightest pink color of her leopard print bikini. It can’t be any better! Attention here: As long as this cute trainee sunbathes, walks around on a stable and dry surface or sits on a deck chair, drinking a refreshing cocktail, she is bound to stick to the rule of keeping these shoes ON! But, as mentioned in this rule, when she approaches wet, slippery, uneven or sandy terrain (for example, the wet border areas of the pool or the resilient sand of the beach), she has to put them OFF! Safety first! Is there something missing? Well, arguably: She could wear some matching, pink sunglasses and maybe she should have one of the PBA towels I will add soon to the PBA merch store šŸ˜‰

Feel hotter yet? I hope so, there are still some cold days ahead before we will see styles like this, but in the end, I have to say, this young bimbo trainee did an amazing job with her pool outfit. This is how it should look and this is how it is done. I hope many of you girls will take this as an example, once the sun comes back out and all you girls can sunbath again, getting that much needed, bimbo suitable tan.

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