3. Lesson: “How a bimbo should dress: Introduction to heel heights”

No dress is too short or heel too high” – Bimbo saying

You probably already heard this saying in the bimbo community at one point. And in practice, it is not even wrong: It is a simple, easy to understand and powerful encouragement to wear ultra short skirts and sky high heels – something that seems to be VERY bimbo appropriate and suitable, so is there a problem with that in theory? Yes and no: While it is correct that a bimbo should wear high heels as high as possible, as often or regular as possible, there is a limitation to the heel height that just doesn’t come into play very often, because of pratical reasons. The Pope of high heels, Christian Louboutin said it this way:

If the height of the heel is the same as the length of your foot, it starts to look wrong. And if the heel is positioned badly on the sole, you get into ballerina territory, where the body is pushed into a very strange posture. You can exaggerate the arch only so much.” – Christian Louboutin

…and is someone knows a thing or two about the design and aesthetics of high heels – it surely is Christian Louboutin. So, there is a limitation that, if exceeded, does more harm than good and is detrimental to the overall appeal of a female. Based on what Christian Louboutin said, I created a PBA rule paper for you trainees (see above), that makes it easy to understand what these limitations are. In practice, this won’t play a huge role for most girls and for most high heels – because this aesthetical limitation lies far beyond a heel height that would be considered practical or usable on a regular basis. Nevertheless, it is a rule every bimbo has to respect – so make sure you understand the principles behind this framework. But what does this do in reality? In reality, this means that most shoes with a heel height up to ~16cm can be considered bimbo suitable, even though ~16cm heel heights are already absolutely intolerable for the majority of females and might only be an option for bedroom adventures, even for advanced bimbos, when the wearing female has little more to do than lying or kneeing. Of course, everything above these heights is fetish-shoe territory (like fetish ballet heels) and is not suitable for bimbos – even in the bedroom, because of the logical conclusions Christian Louboutin made. Bimbos should NEVER wear these!

This lesson is a lesson about limitations – limitations in both directions, so we will now talk about the minimum height of heels for bimbo suitable shoes. Let us not forget, that we already had three lessons about this topic:

1. Bimbo training: “Basic bimbo rules: A bimbo is NEVER -completely- ‘naked'”

2. Bimbo training: “How a bimbo should dress: ALWAYS wear high heels – never wear flat shoes”

3. Bimbo training: “How a bimbo should dress: Height of heels and shortness of skirts and dresses”

and if you already forgot WHY a bimbo should always wear high heels, look up the introduction to this series – the PBA series about bimbos and high heels:

The PBA Guide to Bimbos and High Heels – 1. Introduction

Finished? Good. So we now know that a bimbo has to wear high heels ALWAYS – and never flat shoes (and we know also why). But what does qualify as a high heel? Well, there is no clear, objective definition regarding this question. Some sources (like the Wikipedia) declare shoes with a heel height from about 2.5″ to 3.5″ (8,5cm) as high heels and distinguish these from “stiletto heels” with a height of at least 4″ (10cm), while other sources don’t make this distinction at all and claim high heels to be shoes with a heel height of at least 10cm. This definition is much more fitting and coincides with the math of the PBA rule (see above) – so the official definition can be taken as “shoes with a heel height of at least ~10cm”. A bimbo is NOT allowed to wear shoes lower than that! Please be clear about the fact, that this is only the minimum heel height – and not the standard height! Within this established framework, it indeed means “the higher – the better! Always”! Let’s talk about the next limitations – let’s talk about plateau heights: Of course, there also are limitations in place – but no “lowest limitation”! Why? Because wearing high heels with plateau or not is not a question if it is bimbo suitable or not (in contrast to wearing shoes with high heels or not), but a matter of style, intention, appeal and occasion! Of course, wearing high heels without any plateau is VERY bimbo suitable, if the shoes are sexy, feminine, elegant and stylish or girly, sweet and cute – but so can be shoes with high heels and plateau! It is not a “must” – it is an equitable option, dependent on the bimbo, her style, the expression she wants to make and the situation she is in. So there is only an upper limit in place here – explained in the lesson paper above! Why is that there? Well – more or less because of the same reasons for the upper limit regarding the height of heels: Aesthetical reasons. A bimbo should not wear shoes with a plateau height that clearly exceeds the usual height of even elaborate stripper heels – so here again, following the math – no distinct fetish heels!

With this framework in your mind, in addition to the other, beforementioned rules about bimbos and shoes – there is not much that can go wrong regarding this part of your bimbofication. At least until we come to part 7 of the PBA guide to bimbos and high heels, in which we will talk about different types of shoes and heels and categorize them as “bimbo suitable” or “not bimbo suitable” (aka “forbidden). Spoiler warning: Wedges are forbidden and not bimbo suitable. Until next time – practice your walk and your poses and examine if your shoes do follow the PBA rules of bimbo suitable high heels – if not: You know where the trashcan is.

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