Bimbo Uniforms – Shoes: YSL Tributes (pink, fuchsia)


Every bimbo wears high heels. Everytime and everywhere. Shopping down town, partying all night long or being fucked on the bed, there is no excuse for a bimbo not to wear high heels. The only circumstances where it is simply not practical, is in the gym or during work outs in general.

The first pair of high heels regarded as essential are the Tribute plateau peeptoe sandals in pink or fuchsia (although another color like black is acceptable if she owns a pair in pink already). These are some really iconic high heels for bimbos, not as classy as Louboutins, but more girly and barbie-like. Nevertheless they are likewise regarded as elegant and as luxury goods (ca. 650€) which fit for every occasion. More expensive and less slutty than generic stripper shoes (which are a must have either) these high heels are a must-have for every bimbo with the financial possibility to get them.

Wear them to: Pink or white girly skirts and dresses. These are the typical bimbo shoes – they need a complementary bimbo outfit. Don’t wear stockings to these, but very short pinks skirts.


One thought on “Bimbo Uniforms – Shoes: YSL Tributes (pink, fuchsia)

  1. You told me in this blog to wear shoes like this every day, and i do so since weeks. I LOVE it!

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