Bimbo Uniforms – Purses / handbags: Chanel 2.55 (black)

Okay Bimbo trainers, I know this is a topic, that doesn’t sound very interesting to you. But you have to bring some facts about bimbofication to your mind:

1. Not everything about a bimbo is interesting to you – but nevertheless those things might be indispensable to define that bimbo.

2. If you look at a bimbo, you will perceive every detail that makes her a supreme bimbo unconsciously – even her purse!

3. Girls love purses and handbags. Bimbos do girly things extensively. Therefore, handbag addicted bimbos are sexy.

4. Bimbos need rewards and things they love. Only a happy bimbo is a good bimbo. And this purse we have here, is like a Ferrari 250 GTO to her.

Coco Chanel created this design masterpiece in 1955 and predetermined the direction a whole branch of the fashion industry would have to go with it. The Chanel 2.55 is produced since then with only slight alternations, which should show you, what a timeless and flawless piece of art this thing is. This design will never ever grow old. It looked perfect back in 1955, and it will look perfect in 2955. This is why every proud owner of this purse treats it like a treasure and will most likely inherit it to her female progeny. Every bimbo with style that wants to start a collection of handbags (and they all should do), will start here. Even if the 2.55 is not a cheap piece to begin with (ca. 3000€), it is the crux of the matter for a girl that wants to express style, sex appeal, elegance and femininity. Besides that, the 2.55 helps her to raise herself above other girls, to ensure her bimbo superiority, and can be carried to any occasion and any event, to nearly every style and dress. This is how perfect this thing is…

If you want to support your bimbo(s) and want to give greatest pleasure to her,   you should try to get her a 2.55 (even if it is not a short dress for you to see) – she will jump for joy – as I said, imagine someone gets you a Ferrari 250 GTO…

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