Bimbo training – “The bimbo countenance: The basic facial expression”

Today we’re gonna have a look at the default bimbo facial expression. Before we will come to more situation-dependent expressions, a bimbo has to learn about her common day to day appeal. Again, we have a mixture from different techniques, known by many photo models, photographers, actors and surely many girls, exercising some of these behaviours, without any knowledge, of why these expressions have a certain positive appeal. We cover the commonly known “bedroom eyes”, combined with the famous technique, of “leaving your mouth slightly opened” and forming a loose “O” shape with your lips. This expression has to be practiced regularly and, once perfected, should become the default facial expression of a bimbo doll. Once again, I have to refer you to Marilyn Monroe, who did perfect this look and became famous for her irresistible expression. Practice hard bimbo trainees! There is a thin line between a dramatic sexual sensation in this look, and sheer foolishness! Practice every day in front of your mirror and try to perfect the sexual tension you’re creating with these techniques. Tilt your chin down, keep your eyes half-closed, but bright and fully awake with an irresisible gaze and keep your mouth slightly opened with your lips forming a loose O-shape. Second picture above shows you some examples, in which different aspects of these techniqe are pretty well done, or have gone horribly wrong.

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