Bimbo role model – Jenny Poussin

You may have seen our new bimbo rolemodel in countless pictures, promoting the perfect bimbo doll or the bimbofication culture in general – and that is not without a reason! Jenny Poussin is an extraordinary appearance, even in the bimbo scene, where many awesome looking girls, beautiful and sexy dolls romp around, she is a remarkable, outstanding rolemodel of this lifestyle. Apart from her flawless, perfect shaped body, her beautiful legs, her enhancede tits and her sweet, little ass, it is her angelic, pristine, beautiful face that makes her an superior figure in this scene. Her face preserves the cute innocence and virtuousness of a good, submissive, little girl, combined with the sheer sex appeal and naughtiness of a real bimbo doll. AND – Her styling is also more than just outstanding: This young lady KNOWS how a real, good bimbo girl should dress and style. She seems to have so much fun and dedication doing that, any bimbo trainer would burst with pride and desire. Just take a look at her pictures and don’t tell me, this is not an expression of pure bimbo perfection. I suggest you guys support this playmate in any possible way, because of her being a true role model, regarding her body, beauty, styling, behaviour and dedication – let’s keep our fingers crossed she goes for even bigger tits…

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