Update for several parts of the PBA

I told you guys it will come! Now it’s here. The big update! I invested MUCH time and energy to improve all aspects of the Pink Bimbo Academy and I feel like we reached some kind of milestone. So let’s get together and talk about some changes.

The official Pink Bimbo Academy site was updated! Not only did I squash some bugs and improved the presentation on mobile devices (on the front page), I added a possibility for you to stay up to date. Now you can receive push notifications when a new post is made, on your mobile device and from your browser! Just click the little bell icon in the bottom right corner that will appear after the page has loaded. I felt this was necessary, because everyone who follows me on tumblr, reddit, minds or twitter does get informed when a new article is posted, but regular visitors on the page have to guess when something might be added. Not anymore! This should work quite well already, but there are many more things I will add and change on the site in the near future! image

I already announced that I was working on this – and there were some fellow supporters that helped me to test the whole thing… but now I feel we can make it somehow public and enter the “Beta stage”. The official PBA Discord server is here! I created this, because I feel that there is still a lack of community interaction – which got even worse, since the majority of my followers went over the actual PBA site and don’t comment on tumblr posts anymore. I want to stay in contact with you guys, and I do want to improve the overall community interaction (I mentioned that from time to time, when I bitched about a lack of discussion on the subreddit) – so please feel free to join and participate. There are some rules, but loyal followers should know these already (only real life bimbofication, no roleplaying, no fakes, no ficitional stuff, etc. – only true girls and feminine bimbos – be kind)! I hope we will have a little bit more interaction there. To begin with, I created a code for you guys to join, which is limited to 50 people, just to figure out if stuff works before it gets out of hand. So – see ya there! (Discord code for 50 activations: vn59JVc ) – Of course, my supporters on Patreon will get a code that runs never dry.

Speaking of Patreon: I updated this as well! I was never quite happy with my tier-system. I said that every 10$ donator would get my lessons in high res, but always had the feeling, that that might be to harsh – so I released every high res lesson for all my patrons. This was quite unfair for my 10$ donators… so I changed everything. High res lesson papers will be available for Tier 3 donators (5$) henceforth! And yes, that means no more high res lessons for 1$ patrons, although all high res lessons I uploaded in the past for my patrons will stay available for all my patrons, no matter how much they pledge.

Every supporter on Patron will get a special rank on the Discord server and access to the locked supporter channel there. In that channel we can discuss lessons, bimbo training and further papers and series. Patreon and the Discord server are connected, so this should work automatically.

From 10$ on, every supporter gets something new. I told you guys I will always keep the bimbo training free and for everyone. All my followers should be able to get and read my papers and the articles. So I decided to give my high supporters something special, that is not needed for a general bimbofication and doesn’t create problems if you don’t have it:

Supporters from Tier 4 on (10$) will get some very special content from time to time. There are 5 different, main archetypes of bimbos, so called “Aspect Bimbos” that can be cultivated and reach perfection in their profession: The Babygirl, The Princess, The Slave, The Whore and The Romance. Although, EVERY bimbo can be described with a mixture of these aspects and EVERY bimbo should be able to perform ALL these aspects, it is possible to specialize on at least one of these factors and become an “Aspect Bimbo”. Tier 4 supporters will get content, dealing with those archetypes in the future. BUT: PLEASE, DO NOT PLEDGE 10$ AND EXPECT TO SEE MUCH CONTENT THERE ANY TIME SOON! This will take time and I can’t guarantee you to receive such material so often! I will inform the community every time I add something to this topic! However, actually I wanted to start a newsletter on the PBA page, for you guys to subscribe to, and get everyone who does that, the very first “bimbo aspect lesson paper” as a reward…. but due to the CAN-SPAM Act, I scrapped the whole newsletter idea and decided to give that paper to all my supporters on patreon instead in high res. So, everyone who supports me there, will get it. In addition, every Tier 4 supporter will get access to the members area on the PBA site. I won’t advertise this, because, as I said, there isn’t much content there at the moment, but in the future, I plan to place there additional teaching material, further and deepening lessons and special assets (course plans, class tests, evaluation papers, etc.) to enhance your training or the training of your trainee.

The update continues! I updated not only the visual appeal of the main site and the Patreon page, the PBA merch shop got a new banner too, to make it more streamlined with the rest of this project. In addition, I added some cool new stuff to the shop, f.e. the very first shirt design I made back then in the old shop is back! You guys requested that, so here it is again: The “Enhanced Doll” classic shirt! Have a look at the redesigned shop and see if you can find something awesome there! Thanks for your support! (Supporters and patrons MIGHT get discount coupons for the shop in the future, I’m still figuring that out…) image

The PBA subreddit did get some love too! Not only did I specify the rules there, I tried to make use of “the new reddit” (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!) which is offered by reddit. Please notice, this design is still heavily WIP (no CSS possible atm, f.e.), but I think it is pretty neatly arranged and clear at the moment. I will enhance the design in the near future and make it even better once CSS is possible there. Another gimmick was added: The PBA subreddit is now connected to the PBA Discord server! Every time something is posted in the PBA subreddit, it will be shown in a special channel on the Discord server! So you can be up to date with community discussions and we can talk about the posts on the sub in the Discord channel.

So… that’s it I think. There will be much more in the near future, and I’m planning some new cool stuff and changes already! I’m constantly working on every aspect of this project and hope you guys like it. This is only possible thanks to my supporters! I love you guys. If you want to help me out in another way, take some minutes, go to the PBA Site, and click on the PBA featured porn survey banner on the frontpage and answer some questions. You will get a free reward afterwards. Thank you! What’s coming up next? We will have some more rolemodels next. A bimbo rolemodel matching the ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits, and a gothic rolemodel, showing off a gimbo suitable style of Victorian gothic fashion, like specified in our last post about gimbo substyles. After that I plan to bring you guys another special lesson paper, a new part of the “perfect bimbo tits series”, the next part of the “gimbo substyles series”, and then we will start with our bimbo cosplay series. And there are still some surprises I haven’t talked about yet….. so stay tuned, stay with me and please let me know what you think of this. Hope you guys still enjoy this project, happy to be with you 🙂 Cya soon!

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