Blog News 02.19.2021

Y, hello thar, welcome to a blog update of the Pink Bimbo Academy! The new bimbo school year has begun and training can commence! In the past I often received complaints about the site navigation and the broken campus navigation system – and I promised you guys to come up with a better solution. It took me quite a long time, but basically I got rid of the very limiting and broken plug in and designed a new interactive curriculum that should make navigation much easier and can be updated more frequently (also it should be faster). So, head to the campus and have a look at the new PBA interactive curriculum to find all the lessons you were looking for:

Just click on the lesson and the curriculum will bring you there. The campus will be updated again very soon, and get some additional tools and info – so it will be more useful in the future. In addition, I uploaded the new course plan in a high res, ready to print version on Patreon for my supporters – you can download it there to monitor your/your trainees progress and make further plans. In addition to that, for the beginning of the new bimbo schoolyear, there will be additional training tools for my supporters and more material in the near future – so be ready for that. But also everyone else will get some exciting, cool, new stuff soon – stick with me 🙂

I hope you enjoy the new system – let this year be the year in which you/your trainee make(s) some huge progress in your/her further bimbofication and make use of all the new material I come up with!

Stay safe and cya soon!

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