Blog News 04.12.2022 – We are back in business, baby

That’s right we are back. You probably noticed this already, after I posted the new rule paper last week, but like I said in that article, it felt wrong to come around the corner with a blog post first, without any actual content – claiming to be back and then maybe not even be able to follow up with some meaningful stuff. Yeah, that is also right, I am still no sure to what extend we resume work here at the PBA, maybe there will be some pauses in which I won’t post that much, maybe not, I can’t tell yet. But what is for sure: I am not gone for good. At least for now. So what happened?

Some of you might remember, how I told you about the broken HDD that made it impossible for me to continue working on content for the PBA. Not only did I had to consider the complete material to be lost, including all finished articles, lessons, graphics and my vast library of bimbo rolemodels but also all templates, work files, manuscripts and WIP projects I was working on. The data recovery service I contacted was quite optimistic to be able to rescue the majority of the files, and many of you decided to help me out with the not unsubstantial costs of this process, by donating to rescue the PBA. I want to use this opportunity again to say “thank you” to every single one of you, to my supporters on Patreon who stood with me during these hard times and to everyone who donated. However, it was not that easy: The data recovery service determined, that there was already substantial, physical damage done to the HDD, which made it necessary to obtain spare parts. After some weeks, they tried their best to bring the disk back to life with compatible parts, but it was to no avail. Last chance was to look out for spare parts, that were not only of the same type, manufactured by the same manufacturer, but also from the same production margin as the original HDD. This – took – MONTHS. But in the end… it worked out! Huge thanks to the service in question, but they managed to breathe new life into the disk – at least as long as it took to recover, repair and transfer the files over to a new disk. 99,9% of the files were rescued, which can be considered a HUGE success. I got the external drive with my data back – and now I still have it all on that USB device, which still makes it necessary for me to get a new internal HDD at some point (its kinda slow atm). But more important, what happened over these months, while I was waiting for my data, was that I experienced some internal conflicts. Imagine, I was more or less “off the grid” regarding the online bimbo community and I had the time to think about a few things. I don’t want to go into details here, but I really questioned if it would be wise to continue with the PBA, even if I would be able to get my data back. There were quite different thoughts – going in all directions, but one of these directions was sheer and utter frustration. Looking at the females in real life, the women and girls in society you encounter every day, made me believe that the whole project overall was a lost cause. It makes no sense to keep a dying idea of a rotten concept that is forsaken by its members on life support, against all odds and against its former members that have become antagonistic or indifferent. I was thinking… “MGTOW perhaps?”… then I recieved the USB drive with the data and wanted to make a decision. And, of course, right then, I caught “Tha Varus” and was pretty much knocked out for some more weeks.

It was then, when I was lying in my bed, struck down, that messages and emails started to come in. Messages from VERY famous and well known, PERFECT bimbo dolls, contacting me from their official accounts, from “lesser known” bimbos, from bimbo curious girls, and even from normal girls. Even some goth girls sent me messages…. on IG… or via email… on twitter… and one special, and very famous goth princess I would have never thought would be interested in this whole topic… (YOU are what I would consider a REAL goth princess, being able to become a TRUE gimbo (if the circumstances would be different :*( )! You know who you are, princess! I adore you!). The contents were pretty much the same in all those messages, no matter which girl sent them, from the most perfect, famous bimbo star to the gimbo curious goth girl: “Are you coming back? I would love to get more content! I love what you do!” – and: “We need you!”. Girls, you have no idea how much I value a simple, short message from you. Over all these years, I got the feeling, that I am pretty much on my own (of course, you male bimbo lovers are there, but… you know what I mean… preaching to the choir much 😉 ), that none of you would read my stuff, agree with me or would be interested in the content I am creating, not even speaking about following my lessons and rules. Fighting a losing battle, waiting for the Angriff Stei… Bimbo to occur… This is no joke, your messages made me want to come back. Without you, there would be nothing here now, but a “404 – not found error”. I noticed so many famous bimbos, bimbo curious, normal girls, recently even a noticeable amount of goth girls, watching my IG stories, lurking and looking at my content in silence. Just let me know you are there, write me a brief message – it makes the difference! So… thank you to you all, girls. You are wonderful – and I am back.

There will be more content soon (and maybe a collab with two of the most famous, most perfect bimbo goddesses overall!), but first and foremost, I want to revive our community a bit, a community that was always wonderful and a community I let down over the last months. This is why I am posting a Discord link here: – Feel free to join the PBA Discord and be welcomed! No matter if you are a famous bimbo doll or a normal girl who just wants to ask some questions (we recently had a very successful Q&A on IG) – we do not bite and we are happy to welcome you in our community – and also my beloved, wonderful Disord mod Sylvie, who hold the line over these drought times, would be happy to see some of you goth girls joining, so she isn’t the only one amogus the rest of the community. That’s it for now, stay tuned for more content soon!


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Thank you to all my trusty readers, my wonderful supporters who stood with me and all the girls who are using the PBA – you keep me going!

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