Bimbo role model – ASX (Aysha Soper)

What an angel of perfection. ASX is quickly becoming one of the most famous bimbos out there. And that’s not without a reason. The sheer beauty of her angelic face is in direct competition with her pumped up perfectly shaped, giant tits, her remarkable lips, a bootylicious butt and her flawless shape and body. This elfin beauty is blessed by nature with easily one of the prettiest and most perfect cute faces out there, supported by her enhanced, full lips – Without a doubt the most perfectly shaped cupid’s bow mouth you could find. Don’t tell me you can look into this face without falling in love. Her make up skills are state of the art and collude with a strong, sexy, girly clothing style. If you manage to break away from looking at her lips and face, you most certenly get caught on her bulging big tits. She pushes her bust in a manner that can kill. Those big, enhanced tits are a badass contrast against this dainty, petite body – exactly what every man dreams of. Sadly there are not many pictures of her beautiful legs made for high heels and mini skirts and her cute little ass. This bimbo was a beauty as she started her transformation, and she managed to get prettier and prettier every step without losing her own style and cuteness. Only thing she needs are some proper high quality photo shoots. It’s a shame that most of her pics are of poor quality and without the possibility to get an overall look of her perfect body.

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