Style Check

Done right:

It’s a shame, that we don’t have a high rez picture of these 2 cute bimbo trainees (if someone has a complete version, pls. let me know). Long blonde hair? Check! One with straight hair one with curls, both perfectly acceptable. Beautiful tanned skin? Check! Now let’s see the eyecatcher of these sweet girls: Of course we’re talking about the necklaces both are wearing around their necks. These giant, glittering “Barbie” pendants are a must-have for every Bimbo and can be worn everyday to every occasion, but surely are looking the best if illuminated by the flickering light of the discospots of your favourite club. Imagine the sparkling and glistening when these both dolls are dancing with each other or giggling together while having their drinks. Both are wearing some tight, white tanktops showing their low neckline and squeezing their tits, leaving their belly uncovered – fantastic! Both are wearing some super short, fluffy, spreading miniskirts. One in pink, which is always the best solution, and one in glittering white/silver – something that’s perfectly fitting also. The left little doll seems to wear some pink stockings, which makes her the queen of the club for sure. Both of them have long fake nails, one light pink french nails which is a perfect choice for a true bimbo, and one of them in pink and black – something thats legit and cute. I believe it is particularly important to mention the jewelry made of candy these two bimbos are wearing. What an amazing idea! Bimbo dolls should always make the impression they are sweet like sugar, and these cute candy accessories are a perfect reminder for everyone. Sadly we can not see what those girls are wearing else. I suggest they are wearing some glitter high heels (silver – left, sparkling pink – right) like shown in the other pic, or some transparent plateau stripper heels. Another item I would recommend to both of them would be a glittering, sparkling tiara. What a perfect pair of bimbos, a party dream team you would not want to separate 😉

Done wrong:

Sadly we can’t make a statement concering the make up of these cute dolls. What we can say is, that both of them need way bigger tits. Tits that are close to rip those white tops… but maybe they got to know some guy who took them both home and gave them a little pocket money after a long night…

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