Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should sit: Crossing legs”

First post in the new bimbo training category, the section in which I try to cover all things and topics to make a better bimbo out of you, and to help you bimbo trainers out there to perfect your little bimbo doll, – and already a topic on which the ideas and standards may vary greatly: Sitting with crossed legs.

I’m sure there are many bimbo trainers and many dominant men from the BDSM-scene out there, holding the opinion, that a girl is never ever allowed to sit with her legs crossed, because that would suggest a refusal attitude and a statement of sexual denial. Instead, they want their girls to sit straddle legged like a male construction worker during his lunchbreak. Of course with the idea in mind, that the lady has to reveal her most private parts and signal an “always ready”-attitude. I have a completly different opinion on this matter:

1. You are no male construction worker! So there is no need to sit like one. Bimbos are girly girls, ladies and classy dolls – sit and pose like one!

2. Sitting with your legs crossed is a posture generally regarded as the “feminine way of sitting”. Generally men won’t pose like that. Therefore there isn’t a more “feminine” way of sitting. Not without reason, this poise is considered as “lady-like”, “sexy”, “feminine” and “classy”. Being feminine is the whole purpose of being a bimbo.

3. The duty of every bimbo girl, is to show herself in the most sexy and appealing way possible. Sitting straddle legged optically shortens your legs and doesn’t do much positive for your appeal. Crossing your legs, despite the feminine, elegant expression, optically extends your legs, creates tension and shows your ass, your legs, your high heels, your stockings and your thighs in the most interesting and sexy way.

4. Sitting with your legs crossed, is in no way a form of suggesting sexual denial! If done right, the skirt is pulled up enough, to show everyone (or your trainer) the waistband of your stockings, if bend enough to the side, everyone (or your trainer) can take a glimpse at your ass… there is nothing more promising than a womans thigh, revealed by a short mini skirt.

5. Sitting like a man is never classy, sexy or elegant. It’s ungainly, often comfortable and unexciting. Cross your legs in a practiced, swift way, bend to the side, show off your chassis in the most spectacular and sexy way possible. Extend your legs, show as much of them as possible, and let everyone speculate how it would be to get between them.

Practice this every day! Everytime you sit around or have a seat somewhere, remind yourself to train yourself and practice! Take the advises written on the paper above and go for it!

Second picture above, shows some examples, with each one illustrating one of the three different, allowed positions. The big picture on the right, shows you how it is NOT done: Just boring crossed legs, no sensation about it.


1. Cross your legs in a swift, elegant, classy and practiced way. Switch legs often!

2. Try to extend the angle in position A & C, to reveal your ass and as much of your thighs as possible.

3. Try to extend the distance between your heels in position B!

4. Always sit straight and push your tits out as much as possible! Always press yourself into a hollow back!

5. Always keep your legs and feet stretched! Never ease up!

6. Practice with high heels (the higher, the better) and stockings. Always pay attention to reveal the waistband of your stockings!

2 thoughts on “Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should sit: Crossing legs”

  1. Really found your training directions and instruction, helpful, useful, and fun to practice.I think this is a wonderful site for beginner as well as seasoned Bimbos. The graphic learning aids explain with clarity and depth, the correct form of sisification, without confusion in easy to understand (for a bimbo wannabe like me) detail.The class lists requisite expectations, at course completion, with no pressure other than advice to doit right the first time and practice every chance possible, In a concerted effemnizing effort, removing sub atomic particles of remaining masculinity. all while loving and nurturing cum stained Bimbo graduates of the Academy, coach you along with dignified experienced feminine encouragement and respect due a fledgling or veteran sissy showing the courage to change in front in the face of bullies and taboo societal hangups.

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