Bimbo role model – Amanda Lovelie

A bimbo aiming for “more”! What could be better. Here we have Amanda Lovelie, an aspiring little bimbo doll on her road to perfection. Just have a look at the progress she already made over the years. Quite impressing, isn’t it? I’ve chosen this girl because of the great change she made, and because of the ambitious goals she set to herself. Let her be your rolemodel, you bimbo girls out there, regarding the will to always move forward and to always take another step towards your bimbo perfection. Sure, she still has a lot of work to do – but that’s the deal with her at the moment: All you bimbo trainees out there can look at her and say: “She’s working hard on her body and attitude with such passion, and has such high goals and dreams – I can do that too!” Go along and don’t hesitate! Start to perfect yourself alongside her, pick your goals – and always have in mind what comes next!

To all you bimbo trainers out there: Look what a plain Jane can become and never exclude “normal girls” from becoming a perfect bimbo doll. If she’s working and practicing hard, she will increase her sexappeal and her bimbo persona. Always support those girls and encourage them to become even better and encourage them to take another step. This pretty girl can always use some support, so please consider to do so. The world is a better place with more perfect plastic bimbo dolls!

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