Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Wearing stockings correctly”

Today, wearing stockings is considered as sexy, slutty or just extremly feminine. Sadly pantyhoses have displaced stockings virtually everywhere, despite their unaesthetic, ugly appeal and their impractical nature. Stockings do play a very big role in the gimbo subculture, but miserably, nearly every other “normal girl” prefers deforming pantyhoses. Every bimbo has the duty to uphold every aspect and item that is sexy, feminine and serves her aesthetic appearance. Therefore a bimbo is almost never allowed to wear pantyhoses (apart from a very few exceptions) – but should discover the magic stockings do to her legs: Stockings add an exciting eyecatcher to your thighs, provide your legs with a pristine, shimmering gleam, let your look become classy, sexy and feminine and give you the appearance of a sexy girl, who is always ready and looking for fun. No man can resist the sexual attraction of a girl wearing stockings! Now is the time for every bimbo trainee to dispose her pantyhoses and acquire different types of sexy stockings. Seriously – get rid of all your pantyhoses and never wear them again! Dress up, style yourself and wear some hot stockings, you will feel the difference!

Try to combine this lesson, with this lesson and this lesson!

Acquire stockings which match these styles!

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