Style Check

A hot, perfectly tanned, long legged, blonde bimbo with enhanced silicone tits in a short, white/pink, tiny dress – isn’t that a perfect start for a new style check?

Done right:

I already mentioned her perfectly tanned skin: This is the right level of tanning, girls! Her skin looks smooth, hairless, well maintained and has no visible signs of imperfection. This is how it should look like! She has long, straight, blonde hair, with a side-swept fringe, which is always a good choice for a girl and provides her with a cute, sassy appeal. Her extensions should be way longer, but this isn’t a bad start at all. Golden earrings with heart shaped pendants are a perfect choice for bimbo dolls with a tanned skin color, because it complements the warm tone of this noble metal and the heart symbol supports the impression of a naive, young, little girl, which is an impact every bimbo should include in her repertoire. The amount of make up she applied, could be higher, but it matches her skin tone in a beautiful way and supports the nude lipstick she is wearing. The plain, white corsage she is wearing, reveals most parts of her enhanced tits, and pushes them up, creating a noticeable eyecatcher and pointing out her boobs rank first before everything else, while generating a nice contrast with her tanned skin. The pink & white, short and puffy tutu is the main visual anchor point: Short enough to reveal her sweet, little ass, emphasizing her long legs, puffy and jutting, supporting the appeal of a little, sexy, playful, feminine girl. Other highlights are her super sexy, pink strappy high heels – very girly and cute, some shoes every bimbo should wear as default heels every day. I really like the look this doll is achieving with her style: The main selling features are her tanned, flawless skin, the sexy, girly tutu, her well presented tits and her long legs in combination with those fancy, pink pumps.

Done wrong: Everything done right with this style. Once again she should go for way bigger tits – and of course, for longer extensions and more heavy make up – as I mentioned above, but the outfit itself is something a bimbo could wear to a club party without having to think twice about it. Very girly, very bimoish and very sexy.

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