Bimbo role model – Josie Stevens

Most of the time, I pick a bimbo role model because of her perfect bimbo look, her big tits or her perfect bimbo style. Sometimes there are additional factors, abundant merits towards the bimbo culture, if you will, which motivate me to choose a special doll for this category, like “Introducing the bimbo culture to thousands of young girls” or “being a pioneer for the bimbo culture” (example 1 & 2), or simply having an extraordinary and outstanding taste in styling matters or a superb attitude. This time, we have multiple reasons to call this doll an supreme bimbo role model: Josie Stevens! What a look! Massive, long, fake, blonde extensions, a pristine, beautiful “barbie dollish” face, big lips, heavy make up, big enhanced tits (please Josie, go for even bigger tits!), a nearly perfect body shape and an outstanding, astonishing taste for styling and bimbo fashion! Yes, multiple reasons I said – what else? Okay, first, just have a look at her facial expression. She does a nearly perfect “facial bimbo expression”, this is the look you girls should strive for – you can’t get closer to the perfect barbie doll appeal, something she promotes and seems to be very proud of (picture 3 above). I already mentioned her perfect taste regarding fashion and clothes, but did you know she created those pieces herself? Josie designed a whole fashion line, completely directed at the bimbo culture and the barbie lifestyle, a topic I will make a post about for the next “bimbo uniform”-entry. Her clothes can be found online rarely, but I would suggest every bimbo girl to get some of her designs, especially those belonging to the “bimbo housewive” aka “bimbo stepford wive” style (another topic I will write about soon). What’s next? Well, at least since the tv reality show “Married to Rock”, everybody knows, Josie is married to famous rock guitarist Steve Stevens (lucky guy), putting her in an interesting position regarding gimbos. Though rock doesn’t necessarily connect with the gothic subculture, there are many overlaps and Josie has been seen many times styling herself somewhat like a gimbo to express that side of her bimbo/gimbo-persona. This bridge-building between the bimbo and the gimbo subculture is important in my honest oppinion and should be supported whenever possible – something I will also write about soon. As you can see, we indeed have many reasons to call Josie our next bimbo role model!

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