Bimbo training – How a bimbo should sit: “Crossing legs & switching legs”

See and practice the first lesson regarding crossed legs before you continue!

My early christmas present for every bimbo trainee and all my followers! Remember our first lesson we had about “how to sit with your legs crossed”? We talked about this way of sitting, and why it is the most sexual appealing and feminine way a bimbo can sit (over 70% of men love it when girls cross their legs and find it very sexy). But todays lesson assumes you bimbo trainees already mastered the way of sitting with your legs crossed (like bimbo rolemodel Dannii Harwood shows us) and will teach you about switching your legs, which is in fact the action most men want to see when they spot a girl sitting with her legs crossed. But before we start and learn how to do this in the most appealing and sexually exciting way possible, let’s talk about the wrong methods to do this, because most girls tend to do it wrong and/or in a boring way, and therefore miss many opportunities to draw attention and to show off  their legs in the best way there is.

I know what you all think: “That’s easy! Do the basic instinct move! Do it like Sharon Stone and you’re good to go!” – and that is exactly the way you do it wrong! At the risk of drawing much hatred and incomprehension, I will tell you why the basic instinct move is not suitable for a bimbo and should not be performed in any way – ever. Let’s have a look at the reasons why the infamous basic instinct leg-crossing scene is so notorious and some of the first things which comes to mind when thinking about a woman crossing her legs in saucy way. Being a mainstream hollywood movie and grossing $352 million worldwide (being one of the most financially successful films of the 1990s), the film generated heated controversy and was strongly opposed by many critics. Everyone hoped to catch a glimpse at Sharon Stones pussy, which caused many VHS-recorders to die, because of broken rewind and pause buttons. The hype continued to grow as many people stated Stone didn’t wear any panties at all and that there was some kind of uncut version where you could see it all. But does this all say something about the appeal of her movement? In my honest opinion, the movement can’t live up to the hype it generated. It is a fairly risky, scandalous and unexpected picture for a mainstream hollywood movie and a famous, well known actress – and a key scene for the movie, a move and technique which had to be performed in that way to lead the story in the right direction, but it is not something I would call either aesthetic, elegant or suitable for a bimbo. In fact, I think it has a rather crude and vulgar appeal, as in “look between my legs! Here, look!” – something which is suitable for a dockside whore and not for a feminine bimbo (like the practice of sitting with your legs spread wide open, which we already discussed). Okay, so we have 3 “wrong” methods of crossing your legs and switching your legs:

1. The basic instinct crossing

We talked about this one and why it is plain and unattractive. It is performed by girls who try to be sexy, mostly for their boyfriends and concists of two main, fatal errors: a) Breaking up the whole process into two separate steps: First she lifts her upper, leading leg and places her foot on the ground. This creates a space between her legs and reveals it to the public. After a short pause phase two is initiated and she lifts her other leg to complete the switched crossing. This motion is naff and slow. b) The choppy way of proceeding is not classy and elegant, but vulgar and intrusive! It is mandatory for a bimbo to be pleasant, swift and fluent!

2. The “normal girl crossing”

Many girls are very aware of the attraction they create when they cross their legs and try to tone it down. Likewise, many girls are aware of the danger of exposing the space between their legs when performing a switch. The solution for normal girls is to perform the leg switch in an urged, compelled way. They push and press their legs together, pulling them back to generate less attention and struggle with their motion. This can be seen on tv all the time, when female anchors in short dresses try to perfom a switch without giving the camera a possibility to see under it.

3. The “music video style crossing”

Something which is not really wrong or performed in a bad way – but with a bad timing! In order to move in accodance with the rhythm of the song, female background dancers and performers tend to “kick” their legs, which is the opposite of a fluent, facile motion we need a bimbo to perform.

Try to have a look at pole dancers and burlesque artists! These are often the elegant, swift and smooth motions we are looking for! During this lesson, you are told to keep your feet straight – This is explained in this lesson!

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