Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Hope all of you have a great time and a wonderful christmas – bimbos, bimbo trainees, bimbo trainers, followers, fans and my lovely patrons (love you guys!)! It is that time of the year, when you dolls should dress up like shown above, you trainers should buy your dolls some nice gifts (how about browsing our bimbo uniform category?) and all you bimbo-admirer should spoil your favourite bimbo dolls (many of our rolemodels have a wishlist)!

I’d like to do a little recap of this year, in fact the year I started this blog: We started and had our first real post on June 15th (our first rolemodel: KissApril) and since then posted 18 bimbo training lessons, 14 bimbo outfit pieces, 19 bimbo rolemodels, 8 style checks, introduced several different styles (like gimbos), answered several, different questions and gained nearly 3500 followers (thank you so much guys!). I met many very kind bimbo lovers, bimbo dolls and future bimbo trainees, discovered many really cool bimbo blogs and I am very happy to be a part of this community (thanks for all the reblogs and likes, thanks for your messages and questions!). We started the pink bimbo academy subreddit and the academy shop, as well as the academy twitter account – all three different parts which will be expanded in the future. The future… So, what will the next year bring?

Still we have our running series “BBFs – Best Bimbo Friends”, which will be continued soon. After that is finished, we will need another big topic of multiple parts for a new series. Our next bimbo rolemodel (number 20!) will be a big, biiiig surprise, a true queen of the bimbo culture. As I have already stated here, the next posts regarding bimbo outfits, will be about the “bimbo housewive” aka the bimbo stepford wive – at least two posts about the theory about that and some fitting styles and clothes. We will cover some new lessons, many people messaged me and told me, they would like to see more “how to behave” than “how to look like” lessons, I will try to compensate that in the next year. Recently I got some messages asking if I will post some more gimbo stuff in the near future – and yes – that’s definetly going to happen! So – these are my plans regarding this blog, many more things to happen, but I would like you, my followers, to help me out! Please take some minutes to answer some questions I ask you in order to improve this blog:

1. Would you like to see just some more pictures? Many bimbo blogs post several dozens of bimbo related pictures each day. I don’t do that, because I hope the added value of this blog is the stuff I’m writing. I never planned to spam pictures of pretty dolls, but it seems some of you guys would like to see that. Please let me know!

2. What types of posts would you guys like to see? More lessons? More rolemodels? More bimbo uniforms? More series? More paintings? What else?

3. Is there something you really like and really don’t like about this blog? Please tell me!

4. If you aren’t a patron, what would convince you to support me? Do you use patreon? Is there some progress I can make to earn your support? I really would like to post some more stuff, but I have a shitload of work to do and could use every buck you guys would donate to me 😉

5. I haven’t sold one single shirt yet – though some of you guys said you would buy a shirt with those paintings I made. Do you want other clothes, other paintings, different colors or are you not interested in that at all? (No offense, just would like to know!)

6. Are you guys interested in interviews with established bimbo girls? Should I do more shoutouts? What are the questions I should ask those dolls?

7. Are you guys (you bimbo lovers and trainers) interested in a guide like “how to get a bimbo” or “how get your girl to become a bimbo”? Basically more “trainer stuff”?

So, that’s it! Please give me any advises and thoughts on those questions, I really love to communicate with you guys! That said, I wish you all the very best for the coming year and hope you have a wonderful christmas! If you like what I’m doing here, please share this blog, reblog my posts and follow me on twitter. I would like to see you guys posting and commenting on the academy subreddit as well! Please share your thoughts and criticism there! If you really love what I’m doing here, consider supporting me on patreon! I would love you for that! Cya guys, stay cool! 🙂

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