Bimbo Uniforms – Set: Josie Loves J. Valentine collection

Recently we had a blogpost about bimbo rolemodel Josie Stevens, where I already announced that we simpy have to take a look at her fashion designs. Also, I made a post about bimbo housewives, trophy wives and Stepford wives, where I mentioned Josie again and where in fact she appeared in one of our example pictures. So now we’re going to examine her fashion line and talk about the connection to the bimbo housewives topic. As a true bimbo rolemodel, Josie is obsessed with Hello Kitty, the color pink, sexy and girly designs, sometimes corny but cute patterns and feminine clothes. Being also a bimbo wife, married to guitar legend Steve Stevens, she is keen on classic, feminine clothes with a connection to the 50s, sexy bodycon dresses and symbols of classic feminine, girly kitchen and housewife related topics, like cupcakes, lollipops, big ribbons and petticoats. So, multi-talent Josie teamed up with the fashion brand “J. Valentine” (a brand we are going to have a closer look at in the future, very interesting regarding bimbo fashion) and created a whole collection of clothes, mainly aiming at bimbo girls! Many of those pieces can be regarded as girly costumes, with fluffy unicorn caps, soft, pink robes and corny, cute, smooth monster accessories, but there are some pieces which are perfectly fitting the bimbo housewife look! Puffy, sexy petticoat dresses, short cute skirts with cupcakes printed on, tight bodycon dresses with attached lollipops, 50s-style dot patterns and big ribbons. Josie had a very clear conception of her designs before she started: “It is very girly, very feminine and – you know, sexy too. I feel like it’s feminine and sexy, but I also like a little bit of a twist, either, like kind of a  Rock n’ Roll twist, cause I come from that kind of background or just something a little unexpected, unique I love, like Tokyo street fashion, something corky in the mix.” – Something she mentions in this video, where she talks about her collaboration with J. Valentine (Seriously, watch that video! Two hot bimbos sitting in front of each other, talking about girly fashion and about just how fantastic it feels to be a bimbo! Could watch this the whole day… This is just one reason for a trainer to get his bimbo a BBF!). Although her clothes are hard to find these days, every bimbo should try to get her hands on those. True bimbo fashion, designed by a true bimbo rolemodel, for a fashion company that directly aims at bimbo customers (and seems to be in charge for the outfit support of Katy Perry, a little bimbo herself). So, if you are a bimbo doll that has some sympathy for the bimbo housewife style and wants to pimp that style with a little bit of girly Rock n’ Roll – Get some of those amazing pieces Josie designed! If I couldn’t convince you… maybe this musicvideo can – produced to launch Josie Stevens collection! Or the “making of” of this clip – trust me: It can’t get more bimboish 😉

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