Bimbo training – How a bimbo should stand: “The basic standing posture”

By now you should have mastered the basic lessons regarding how bimbos should sit and walk. It is only reasonable to continue with a lesson that deals with the basic standing posture of a bimbo doll. You might be surprised, that this posture is by far easier to learn than the lessons about walking or how to switch your legs correctly. This comes from the fact, that nearly every single girl out there seems to already know what the point is, somehow, deep in her feminine subconscious. You will see many girls performing this pose in that exact moment a camera is aiming at them, unwittingly and unknowing why they are doing this at all. This results from the desire to be perceived as sweet and feminine as possible, even if they do not know what this posture does for them: Tilted hips, hollow back, pushed tits and legs that are presented in a way that lets them appear as long as possible, creating a preferably sexy and beautiful appeal. Turning the tips of her feet inwards, is a technique that creates a subliminal message of a little, insecure, cute girl – something very powerful, when performed by a sexy and cute doll. A bimbo however does know about the impact of these techniques, and masters them to perfection. Once you are familiar with every single step described in this lesson, perform this posture not only in front of a camera, but as your default pose to generate attention and desire! As I said in the beginning, you should have mastered the lessons about sitting and walking already. Make sure you master this lesson as well, because for the next one, you will need all three of them!

This time we have two very special examples for our course! Bimbo rolemodels Sophia Vegas and Kiss April are showing you how to perform the basic standing posture in the best way possible.

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One thought on “Bimbo training – How a bimbo should stand: “The basic standing posture”

  1. It’s funny, I looked at some of my older photos when I was a teenager, and I actually really did this pose. I didn’t even realize it. It really is instinctive.

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