8. BBFs – BBFs could open the possibility for special sexual adventures

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BBFs could open the possibility for special sexual adventures

(This time with two pictures, because these are the two different looks you can expect in the situations we will talk about…)

There is one thing almost every man dreams about: Having two girls in his bedroom, fucking both of them, one after another, while they keep pressing their tits against each other, kissing and licking their pussies. Or maybe not having just two, but three or more girls simultaneously! Last chapter, we talked about most girls having a slight inclination to pursue a bi-curious behaviour and to discover sexual adventures with other girls. Bimbos, often being promiscuous beings, always looking for fun, are often very suitable to make this dream come true. There are three main reasons why bimbo girls and in particular BBFs are very likely to cheerfully participate in sexual adventures like these:

Bimbo girls and BBFs love each other!

As already said, our last chapter was all about love and sex between two BBFs. Best bimbo friends share very strong bands – they love each other, they help and support each other, they respect each other, they have many things in common and it is very likely they find each other very attractive. Following the same ideal of beauty and sharing the same taste regarding styles, body shapes, clothes, styling and make up, it is more than to be expected, that they also have the hots for each other. After they discovered their first bi-curious adventures together, it is not impossible for them to let another effect kick in: Apart from sharing clothes or make up items, they might find it quite imaginable to share a man between each other. The fun they experienced making out and having sex, plus their promiscuous attitude and the confidence they share, might lead to both of them having fun with the same guy at the same time. They grant their BBF the fun and the sexual excitement of fucking their man while experiencing a whole new dimension of sexual heights. Another reason why a girl is often most interested in having a threesome with her beloved doll and her man, is the trust she places in her BBF: “If SHE has sex with this man, he has to be a good lover and is trustworthy!” could be a reason for a girl to willingly participate, as well as the fact, that most likely both girls already talked about the “advantages in bed” of a certain man. This leads us to the next aspect:

The BBF of your bimbo likes you too!

Not only did both girls already talk about you and your efficiency in the bedroom, but it is very probable that the BBF of your bimbo has a small crush on you. Girls living in a group tend to adapt certain behaviour patterns and opinions. We already talked about these effects, but this is because of the evolutionary need for chime and consonance, being in a definite, social group of female beings. If you were a good partner to your bimbo and treated her and her BBFs always in an appropriate, kind and supporting manner, it is only normal for her BBF to like you. If you made friends with her – all the better! If you already managed to increase your influence over the bimbo dolls in the social atmosphere of your girl and have impact on her BBFs – it can’t get any better! Combined with any aspect we already talked about and the fact, that the BBF does like you (if everything done right), she will also see you as someone in command of her, and her BBF and therefore desire to be desired by you and to prove her sexual bimbo value to you. This can result in the following factor:

Bimbos and BBFs love to tease and excite!

In our chapter about BBFs and bisexual behaviour we talked about the different possible reasons for girls to make out with each other in public. One of these reasons is the knowledge of girls about men loving to see two girls in sexual heat with each other. This knowledge is often used to generate attention and desire in public spaces. But it doesn’t stop there: Girls love to stoke up a man they desire. They know he is seething, watching them, getting teased with his pants about to burst. In these moments, getting a man to the limit is a girly group effort and the reward for a successful endeavor is getting fucked as a team.

A successful group-experience with your girl and her BBFs might change the relation of everyone involved forever. The girls are brought together even closer, sharing a joint experience, a shared partner and the same pleasures. The trainer gains more influence over every girl involved. His authorities are strengthened and he might treat the girls in a sexual manner at any given time, even if there is no threesome happening at that exact moment. If accepted by the girls, he is able to benefit from a permanent sexual availability of his doll and her BBF, as the established stallion of each of them. In addition, every other girl/bimbo/BBF/trainee will receive your sexual dominion over TWO (or more) hot girls as a proof of sexual potential, sovereignty, self assuredness and dominance. This attracts in a very powerful way, and not only will your girls find you more attractive and desirable, but those other girls will be confused, baffled and mystified but attracted and enamored by your social proof.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons for BBFs to discover the sexual amusements of a three- or even a foursome. The possibilities are endless, and there are many things you can’t experience without a second girl, and likewise, there are many amazing things your girls couldn’t experience without this sort of adventure. We will have a look at many of those things in the future (sexual hierarchies between the girls, roleplaying, different techniques, toys, etc.) in other categories on this blog, but always remember: Do NOT force your girl(s) into these situations! Even if the experience might be fulfilling to you, it is almost guaranteed to prove itself destructive afterwards, if the adventure wasn’t consensual and desired by all participants! Having said that, you, your doll and her BBF(s) might have some glorious nights without anyone leaving the bedroom for days.

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