Gimbo Rolemodel – Starfucked

“Hell, it’s about time” we have another gimbo rolemodel post, after some time has past when we talked about our first heroine of the dark sub culture. Today we’re going to look at a special gimbo rolemodel from Sweden – a girl that was suggested to me in this post, but was already on my “gimbo-to-do-list” for quite some time: Starfucked! I’ve chosen this young, sexy girl, because she is one of the very few in the alternative/goth scene, who actually has her breast enhanced, although only 450cc implants aren’t that much (I would suggest her to read our basic rule!), the fact that she dared to take this step, makes her one of the only real gimbo dolls that I am aware of at the moment. It is a real shame that most goth girls take insufficient account of getting much bigger tits, something that should immediately be changed! So goth dolls, take a look at this beautiful rolemodel and imagine yourself with a pair of even bigger tits! Be the next gimbo rolemodel! Apart from this, and apart from the fact, that she would be even more perfect with much bigger tits, Starfucked is one hell of a beauty: A cute, beautiful and tempting face, long, black and red hair, a perfectly shaped body and some long, sexy legs. Regarding her style, as a fetish/alternative model, Starfucked represents the “fetish-goth-faction” within the gothic sub culture (Alongside the romantic-, cyber-, classic- and many other factions), meaning it is very unlikely you will see her in something else than rubber, latex or PVC. No matter what, as the good gimbo rolemodel that she is, she always wears high heels, most of the time latex overknee boots or the default gimbo boots we already talked about, corsets (must have for every gimbo!) stockings and revealing tops – a habit that shows how proud she must be regarding her enhanced boobs. Her milk white skin is the perfect canvas for her distinct make up skills, maybe a little limited by the color of her hair (for excample: pink lipstick + red hair is a no go!), but nevertheless of amazing quality and always well done. Starfucked knows about her benefits, she presents her tits and her long legs in the best way possible, supported by the right choice of clothes with her fetish background in mind – as well as her sweet countenance. I would love to see more goth girls following her path and dedicate themselves to become true gimbo rolemodels, with big, enhanced tits, sexy dresses, the right attitude and the will to show off and to cover themselves with glory. This is how a true goth girl should look like on her way to become a true gimbo goddess!

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