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I’m back! Yes. And I missed you guys. I made up my mind about the blog, and I came to the conclusion, that mainly for three reasons, I will continue to write and post stuff here at the Pink Bimbo Academy! First: Even if it was a huge letdown for me to see the pathetic reactions regarding my questions to the community in this post, I have met some truly awesome people, fans for which I will continue to create stuff, fans who contacted and still support me. Second: I really love to write and post about the whole bimbofication topic. Simple as that. Third: The mission is greater than I am: Nearly all of the girls out there can’t even compare to the bimbo dolls we all love. We have to change that. It is my duty to inform the girls and the trainers, and to take care of all the trainees and wall flowers out there. So here we go again, and here is our new format:

PBNN – The Pink Bimbo News Network! This is where I will post short articles about relevant stuff that’s happening in the bimbo culture that I am aware of (so if you got interesting news -> message me!) and post short comments about changes on the blog. Big thank you goes to our amazing and perfectly fitting host and anchor-bimbo: Candy Plastique! We already featured her in our Bimbo Spotlight category and she agreed to be the anchor model for the PBNN 😉 – Thanks again, Candy! Be sure to visit her twitter and her instagram, where she posts amazing pictures and keeps us up to date about her ongoing bimbofication. And please: Visit her Patreon and donate and support this amazing bimbo doll!

New support options: Some people contacted me and said they would like to support me, but are afraid of losing their anonymity on patreon or don’t trust that page at all. Some of those suggested to me to accept bitcoins or other crypto currencies, a field I was never involved in – until now. Now you can not only support me on patreon or by shopping at my merch shop, but you can donate different crypto coins to me to show your love 🙂 Thank you 🙂 – You can access the support category via the side-menu under “Donate and support me!”

Sophia Vegas: Sophia Vegas, most certainly Germanies most amazing and nearly perfect bimbo doll (besides Vanity Porn / Barbie Brilliant maybe) recently had four of her ribs removed (2 on each side), in order to perfect her shape and reach for the perfect bimbo body – something she now, after the segregation of her long time husband, specificly adresses: “I want to become the perfect doll!”. There is a good chance she will increase the size of her tits again and will increase her bimbo persona even more! We already covered her in a rolemodel post, but not only are these recent changes reason enough for me to update her entry, but that said rolemodel post was one of my very first attempts on this blog to write an article about such a beautiful and sexy goddess – needless to say that this post can’t compare to the stuff I’m writing today. So – in the next few days there will be a whole new post about her, with many new pictures!

Katie / Nariko: Another beautiful german bimbo trainee we covered with a PBA spotlight – and again some changes: Katie asked me to update some of her pictures, which I did of course. Just look how beautiful this girl has become. Main reason why I’m mentioning this here is because Katie did change some of her social media channels! So, please update your bookmarks and if you aren’t already following this cute doll – visit the PBA spotlight, the new urls are there to be found. Follow and support this promising bimbo trainee!

“Leia Parker”: Last but not least, some very bad news. The last PBA Spotlight featured “a girl” naming herself “Leia Parker” – an entity which turned out to be a very sophisticated and considerable hoax and fake identity. I don’t want to spend too many words on such degenerated and useless creatures, faking to be a girl on the internet, but want to make clear what happens to said spotlight: The girl seen on the pictures is an amazing bimbo doll going by the name of “Elina Ella” You can find her instagram here! I will delete the whole interview from the spotlight, just letting her pictures rest there, with a link to her instagram, until I made a rolemodel post about her – The least I can do! This is my way of saying sorry to this beautiful girl! Visit her instagram, follow her and give her some likes!

That’s it for today, new posts are imminent – feel free to comment and reblog, some really cool stuff is coming up! Good to be back 😉

If you like what I’m doing here, please support me on Patreon! I will write more and better posts! Thank you!

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