Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #2 – Candy Plastique

Last time, we had our first Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight interview with bimbo trainee Nariko, we’re now going to get to know another bimbo trainee: Candy Plastique agreed to answer some questions and donated some really amazing pictures to us! I already mentioned her in some posts, just because I simply love her dedication, her style and her goals and because she has been following this blog nearly since the beginning and told me that she loves the lessons I am posting. Now it’s time to start, but before we dive right into it, I want to suggest you have a look at Candys patreon account, where the real hot stuff is being posted (on her twitter and instagram is some real cool stuff too) and maybe you decide to support her to reach her amazing goals – she deserves it!

Hey Candy, nice to have you! As you already know, the Pink Bimbo Academy blog does follow your bimbofication progress for quite a while now, and we did a shoutout for you once in a while. For our new followers, could you please introduce yourself?

Thank you for considering me for this interview! I’m Candy, living in Germany and as you can see, I got a big thing for the barbie/bimbo look. Right now I’m on my journey to visibly become the doll I am already inside. I love music and going out as much as I love my beauty days and makeup, plus a great outfit with heels are my passion.

Nice, let’s get to our first question: You are fairly new in the bimbo subculture and started your social media accounts recently, but you already passed 10k followers on Twitter and nearly 5k on Instagram, what is your trick behind that, what would be your advise for other new bimbo trainees?

Actually I’m quite surprised by that myself, especially about the number of followers I got on twitter… I don’t know if there is any trick there, but regarding the reactions, comments and dm’s of my followers, I have an idea what it might be: On the one hand, the positivity, I am just so happy with my way and how open and friendly people in the net are, that I am very positive and open myself, on the other hand, I have the feeling that ppl like to see and hear about my progress, they are with me on all the small steps I take towards my goal. For myself I love to look at other dolls and guys accounts too, I love seeing their steps, like to support them and I repost everything I like, just because it is so much fun to share the nice things with everyone. Summarized: Be you, be positive, be open.

Speaking of bimbofication, what convinced you to start your bimbo progress and what does the term “bimbo” mean to you?

I am kinda new to this subculture, but my love for makeup, heels and sexy outfits is something that accompanied me for years, but I never had a word or subculture in mind. At one point I saw more and more girls in the net or in porn that just blew me away and I did some research, I’m not sure when I first got in contact with the term „bimbo“, I just knew that these girls lived and expressed the style that I would love to see myself in. And then there was this one day where I decided for myself to work towards that certain look, to become the best version of myself and to get more expressive with my style. For me, a bimbo is the expression of femininity, she’s a woman that loves to express her female and playfull side, a woman that works hard towards perfection, that underlines her beauty and hotness and loves to look like the one in the room that every guy wants and that secretly every girl wants to be. She is positive, friendly, frisky and kittenish 🙂

Readers of my blog and your followers already know this, but what are the first steps you already made towards your “perfect barbie body”?

For the ones that know me longer and personal, the first step obviously have been to loose a good amount of weight and to get my body in a much, much better shape, my haircolour also changed from darker shades over pink tones to a lovely blonde. Besides that I had my first esthetical procedure done in the last part of last year, I got 1,5cc lipfillers for the first time then and since that time I had another 1,5cc and just recently 2cc at the end of January and let me tell you – I love it.

And what are your goals? What beauty modifications do you plan to make?

I alredy reached my first set „weight goal“, but now I got the feeling I’m not in the shape I got in mind, as I set it, so thats one of the goals… perfectionating my body, not regarding any weight, but regarding the shape and tightness I see and feel. I want to keep my actual lipshape, so future fills are absolutely neccessary! Furthermore I consider cheekfillers and botox for the future. But the most important modification I plan, are 1500cc silicone implants with an internal bra to prevent them from future sagging. For now that are the modifications I got in mind and work towards, but honestly over the last month I saw so many great girls that have done so many different surgeries/enhancements/modifications and I saw some things I realy liked, so I’m not sure that the things which were my first goals, will be the only things I like to do. But step by step –  and I want to see how far I can go with disciplie and workouts regarding my bodyshape first. 🙂 My next smaller goal is to get some new, much longer extensions.

You are accepting help and donations to achieve these modifications, how can people help you out and what do they get in return?

They can help me either due my deliverycode side, that gives the posibility to send cash gifts that are only saved for my future boobjob, anyone that spends a significant amout will get the first after boobjob pic if they leave a mailaddress in the message. The other way to use it is to buy gifts from my wishlist, as a „thank you“ for these, they will get a personal pic with the article they purchased, if they leave their mailaddress in the message box. Furthermore I got a patreon account, all the money I make there is also saved for my boobjob as this is my biggest goal. I got different tiers there that offer different „rewards“, for example more selfies, shooting pics, videos, a weekly diary entry and more informations/thoughts aso. about me.

What are your common day-to-day routines you perform to work towards your goals?

At the moment I work out 6 days a week. That workout always includes cardio on my crosstrainer and streching/flexibility exercises, and in alternation strenght training for different muscle groups or pilates. Besides that I pay attention to my diet. Other routines are the normal ones every girl should do, shower, skincare, makeup, hair and a sexy outfit to start the day. I would never leave the house without a propper makeup and a good dress, as we all know the first impression counts and your apperiance says a lot about you personally and your ambition. Of course I finish my day with a good skincare too…

You have already made such improvements and surely have some really great make up skills.


Thank you!! I just love to try new things and in my opinion makeup is an expression of myself and maybe also some kind of art… I practised a lot and since a long time.. the skill is something that grows over the time, there is a point when it gets routine, I just know what products and what kind of makeup looks best on me and what gets the most attention 😉

How would you describe your style? What are your favourite clothes and what is your favourite color?

I would say it is a mix. I dress like I feel and in what mood I am in, as it is just so much fun to play with looks… It’s the cute little barbie/bimbo princess in all shades of pink, very girly, very overdone/excessive the one day and the more sexy/seductive doll with a hint of submissiveness in darker colours the other day…and everything that’s in between. Why limit myself when I can run free with all my facets. But sure there is a thread in my style, you will see it if you look at my pics 😉 My favorite colours are pink and black, I love chokers (never can have enough different ones) and a lot of sparkling accessoires. And of course I love High Heels in all variations!! Besides that, I prefer dresses and skirts but recently discovered tight fitting leggins from time to time. I love girly looking shirts to my skirts and have a thing for overknee stockings and pvc.

Are there any special rolemodels in the bimbo culture you adore and look up to because of their dedication and/or their style?

I kinda look up and love every girl that goes the bimbo way, it is just so much fun to see so many different dolls and all of them deserve a lot of respect but sure there are some very special girls to me. One is of course Candy Charms, I saw her in a gg clip and just was amazed by her looks and attitude! I also got a thing for Sarah Marie Summers, Taylor Wane, Josie Stevens, Blondie Bennett, ASX, Amanda Lovely, Olga Loera… just to name a few.

Are you into girls too?

Short and easy…. yes.

With which of these girls would you like to:

1. Do a photoshot together?

Taylor Wane, Candy Charms,

2. Go out partying and clubbing?

Josie Stevens

3. Go on a date with and end up in the bedroom?

Uhm…. how should I be able to pic just one???

Are there any special items, products or pieces you would suggest to other girls, regarding styling, fashion or beauty?

I could recommend tons of products, pieces and special items…but I try to just name one for each point you mentioned. Styling: I love my ghd straigthener, it saved me from a bad hair day so many times. Fashion: chokers.. sparkling, pink, black, with crystals, leather, pvc, clear ..whatever.. a choker just makes you look sexy. Beauty: the “Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation” and “Benefit ́s What ́s up Highlighter”, love them plus: always wear a good parfume!!

How many High Heels do you possess?

87 pairs… not enough at all 😉

Obviously you do read the Bimbo Academy Germany Blog, I’ve seen many of your retweets (thank you for that) – what do you like about it?

I love that it is different from so many other blogs! I don ́t know any other that goes so deep into the whole bimbo theme with all the lessons, style checks and rolemodels. It seems as if you put much effort and passion in all the posts you write and that makes it special for me! I found awesome new accessories because of your posts, like the chrystal chokers. Last, I agree with most of what you say, and I love the bbf posts, 🙂

Do you practice the lessons I post there? Do you think becoming a bimbo requires a girl to change her attitude or her behaviour?

Most of the things you mention in your lessons are things I naturally do anyway, things that came over the time and are part of my appearance now, but especially the post about crossing legs made me think about if I do it right and I practiced it ^^ I think if you change your attitude – your behaviour changes automatically!

What are we going to see in the future? More pictures and videos? Can we hope to see some great stuff once you got your modifications?

I will continue posting pics and writing tweets about my development, I actually started doing photo shoots and I like it a lot and think I get better every time, so I could imagine to do more of these and some more videos too, as this is also a thing I feel more comfortable about every time. I am quite sure the moment I got my biggest modification done and achieved the look I desire I can’t hold back and I would love to do some more modeling, also with other girls, that would be awesome. I got something like a kinky pink barbie latex look in mind for the first pro shoot I do after my boobjob.

Is there something you would like to tell our readers?

To the ones of you that already follow me and especially the ones that support me: I just want to say: Thank you so much for all your kindness and love and interest in my transformation, I am more than happy to share it and to see there are so many people out there that love the whole theme as much as I do! To those that didn’t know me so far: Hi there and maybe welcome to my transformation 😉

Thank you very much for the interview, Candy!

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