Bimbo role model – Nicolette Shea

Mattels Barbie has always been a big rolemodel for every girl in the bimbo community. Even before there was a sophisticated bimbo culture, Barbie got mentioned as a guiding light by many girls who tried to become “the perfect girl”. Though Barbie definetly has many aspects which are of interest regarding the bimbo ideal, like the plastic appeal, the blonde hair, the flawless body shape and the feminine attitude, general requirements for perfect bimbo bodies

have changed and even increased: The tits have to be way bigger than Barbies, the overall appeal way more sexy and so on. Nevertheless, that plastic doll still remains as a checkpoint for every girl participating. Todays bimbo rolemodel Nicolette Shea may be the girl who comes closest to that ideal. There are many girls in this subculture who left that plastic toy far behind regarding the size of her tits or other aspects, but even those continue to refer to it with respect and dignity. Nicolette however nails it down: Her body accords to the one of Barbie in every detail and displays the same perfection and sexual sensation: A phenomenal small waist, a bootylicious butt, some fairly big tits, beautiful long legs, flawless skin, very long, very perfect, blonde hair, a doll-like, beautiful and lovely face, some plumped lips, and a fantastic and sexy style. This doll is keen on high heels and Louboutins (like many bimbos), glittering and sparkling stuff, the color pink, revealing and classy dresses (partly similar to Loredana Chivu) and a good amount of nicely done make up. This girl deserves to be called a real life barbie doll – a sexy dream that came true! This is as close as you can get. However, as I already mentioned above, the requirements for bimbo dolls have risen: Let us hope this stunning doll decides to get some even bigger tits and notches up her performance even more. Nicolette recently entered the porn business, producing some fine clips, but you can still book this fantastic goddess for a private rendez-vous. If you take a look at the fantastic progress she already made, since she started her bimbofication, you can tell that every average girl can become a bimbo queen and rolemodel if true dedication is at work. Let’s hope she continues like that and lets Barbie behind at some point in the future on her way to become the perfect bimbo goddess!

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