Bimbo role model – AzeeenBarbie / MissAsianBarbie69

Several times I was asked if there are “non white bimbos” out there, and if I know of some girls going the bimbo way who don’t have a “caucasian background”. Well, here is our new rolemodel, a perfect example of an awesome, fantastic, cute and sexy asian bimbo! AzeeenBarbie, or “MissAsianBarbie69″ how she calls herself on her social media sites, is one hell of a perfect asian doll! Look at that unbelievably beautiful and sweet face, what a stunning cutie! Her long blonde hair is a wonderful reminisce to the doll idol she named herself after, matches her angel like beauty, supported by her great make up skills and creates the picture of a sweet, little, girl – a sexy, innocent daddys darling every trainer would love to have. Though her tits are fairly big and already enhanced, she also should go for even bigger implants, and by that respect the basic rule for bimbos, we are currently covering with our series about the perfect bimbo tits. No matter what, those boobs are a fantastic feature on such a dainty, little girl, complementing her wasp waist and those sexy, long legs. I doesn’t stop there – and I’m not talking about that flawless, pristine skin of that cutie, but about her delicate sense for dressing and styling: This sweet doll loves to showcase her tits, wears stripper heels and stockings and is very busy supporting her “little girl aura” and cute appeal, even by making the exact right choice for her overall appearance: Wearing a school girl uniform! I can’t think of any other bimbo rolemodel we already talked about, which would profit more from wearing such a uniform! Exactly what I would have advised her to try! On the other hand, I would love to see her in one of those “sailor uniforms” we also covered in our bimbo schoolgirl uniform post, not just because the japanese version would match her background in a visual way, but because I think that version would support her sweet and cute appearance even more. Make sure to follow this fantastic doll and show your support for asian bimbo styles!

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