Bimbo Uniforms – Costumes: The schoolgirl

Being in the bimbo academy germany here, it is quite obvious to talk about another special uniform, every bimbo has to have in her wardrobe: The schoolgirl uniform. Not only mandatory for every bimbo trainee in apprenticeship, but something that fires every man’s imagination and is therefore a must-have for every perfected, experienced bimbo as well, no matter how old she is. Let us first have some thoughts of why this special uniform is so important to us: A school uniform reminds us of young, inexperienced girls, eager to learn, eager to improve and to become independent from their parents. Apart from many men simply do favor young girls over older women, it is the sweet cuteness and naivety associated with a pigtails wearing teen, in a short, plaid skirt and white knee-lenght socks, on her way to school, to learn some lessons about the important things she has to know in her life. This imagery is not complete without the assumption of a pristine, young girl – though pure-minded and unspoilt, because of her purity and young age, in the middle of a process of sexual awakening, becoming aware of her sexual craving and her own female body. Not only in the bimbofication scene, men tend to develop a wicked joy at corrupting and spoiling chasteness in a sexual way, which might have something to do with the relish of having power and might as an experienced authority, then again with the pleasure of teaching behaviour they deem right. Dealing as a teacher with a sexy bimbo schoolgirl however, unites these two factors: Teaching of naughty techniques and behaviour, and sexual power and dominance over the little apprentice. Many bimbo trainers would argue, that another factor would be the additional stupidity of a bimbo teen, that leaves her no other option, than to please her teacher in every manner he wants, in order to pass the class – or that renders any other education than sexual oriented futile or unimportant – and of course, that’s somewhat a matter of opinion, everybody has to decide for oneself. Let us recapitulate – what do we associate with the schoolgirl uniform: Young, naive, inexperienced but inquisitive, pure, unspoiled (maybe stupid) girls – sometimes naughty – but in the process of becoming sexual active babes, that could not only need some advice on how to put their female charms into place, but that are potential sluts, who need a strong hand to be perfected. Exactly these fantasies complement perfectly with the ideas of a bimbo trainee – aka bimbo schoolgirl, learing about the bimbo lifestyle.

Now let us have a look at the uniform itself. Though there are a ton of different uniforms, styles, colors and variants, only two have proven fail safe and adequate for every bimbo in every situation:

1. The “British style” (Figures A & B)

The “British style” school girl uniform typically comes in a red/white/black color scheme, consisting of some black, shining, high heeld pumps with a cute, little strap (Figure A), some white knee-length socks (Figure A), a mainly red, (ultra)short, plaid, tartan mini skirt (Figures A & B), some plain, white cotton panties without any ornamentation (Figure D-C) and a white, tight blouse. Often a black vest or some kind of black blazer is worn over it. In addition, a fitting, small tie may be worn too (Figure A). If you take a look at our first example (Figure A), you can see, that everything is perfect here. This picture shows the perfect bimbo school girl uniforms regarding the “British style” – it can’t get any better. No matter how gorgeous and amazing Candy Charms looks in our second example (Figure B), there are some aspects of her uniform that don’t really fit a perfect school uniform: Remember our observation we made of the different characteristics of a perfect schoolgirl? Right, we determined, that a schoolgirl is a pure and unspoiled girl, not fully aware of her sexuality and her sexual appeal. Would you think, that a girl in that state, would wear some hot stockings and some attention-grabbing, red stripper high heels? Of course not. In order to maintain the immersion and the appeal of our young, naive lady, she must avoid such appealing accessories and stick to the “virtuous“ style of the girls in our first picture (Figure A) – same goes for hot lingerie and erotic panties, that’s why a good school girl wears some virtuous, plain, white cotton panties – like a well-behaved, young girl would do.

2. The “Japanese sailor style” (Figures C & D)

Usually, the sailor uniform comes in a blue/white color scheme (although other colors exist), consisting again, of some black, shining, high heeld pumps with a cute, little strap (Figure A & D-D (stiletto heels are prefered), again some white knee-length socks
(Figure D-B/D), whereby the socks may be navy blue – if the uniform is mainly blue too, a navy blue,

plaid skirt, the famous short and tight, white (or blue) sailor blouse with a big collar and a red ribbon. Of course, the japanese sailor uniform includes some plain, white, cotton panties too (Figure D-C). Our last example is a perfect represantation of how a perfect bimbo sailor uniform should look (Figure D). Her high heels could be higher and could have stiletto heels, but we’re close to perfection here. Picture C however, suffers from the same problems we encountered in the second example already: Her red stripper heels destroy the image of a good, little schoolgirl. In addition, her socks may be cute, but should reach to her knees.

Having one of those uniforms is a basic requirement for any bimbo trainee. Good bimbo girls will try to get at least one of each style. After that, she may want to get both types in differtent colors, where, for example, the red color (british style) or the blue color (sailor style) are replaced by pink.

Some advices in the end:

– Wear pigtails! This supports the imagery of the young, naive girl, and is iconic for schoolgirls! (Figures C & D-A)

– Decorate your uniform with cute, girly accessories to support the look. Think of “Hello Kitty”, “Barbie” and “Monster High” (If you are a gimbo school girl).

Bring some bubblegum or some lollipops with you. If you want to be a naughty schoolgirl, you know what to do.

And, MOST IMPORTANT: If you and your BBF or fellow bimbos decide to be bimbo schoolgirls altogether, or decide to wear your uniforms on a party or a night out: NEVER EVER chose different styled uniforms. Wear exactly the same high heels, the same socks, the same skirts and the same blouses! Picture A doesn’t look perfect without a reason! There is no need for bimbo school girls to differ from each other! In fact, differences have to be avoided at all costs! Uniforms are uniforms, because they look the same.

I actually discovered some very useful videos for perfect school girls here.

Okay girls, I think I heard the bell ringing. Don’t forget your homework and be nice to your trainers. Cya tomorrow!

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