A little present for you!

You guys can surely tell, I’ve been listening to a lot of New Retro Wave recently while I was working on the ebook and on some new articles for the blog. I really love that stuff. And what do I love too? Bimbos! Well, let’s have a look if I can’t mix that up a bit… shouldn’t be too difficult… and yes. Bright, strong saturated colors, neon pink, shiny lights… that does fit a bimbo very well. So – here is my little artwork for you guys – Of course my patrons get a high resolution version of that, so maybe you want to have a look at my Patreon 😉

But now to the real important stuff: The PBA merch shop is back! Well, kinda, I’m still working on it, because of the new system that was integrated I can’t just reupload my illustrations, but have them altered to the new parameters. That’s why you wont find every motive from the old shop there again at this time, but be assured I’m going to add everything again! Most important: The PBA bimbo training shirt is available, even in many more different variants which someone wished for here, and of course many, many new items with the new illustration you see above! Give yourself or your bimbo doll a real 80s vibe and have a look at that stuff! In addition to the bimbo training shirt, I created some leggings, especially for bimbos in training. So – go there, have a look, I will change all the links to the new url – and I will post some more news when the others items are added and when I add some new illustrations 😉 Have fun with that stuff and thank you very, very much for supporting me!

The Pink Bimbo Academy Merch Shop


My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pinkbimboacademy

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