Gimbo Rolemodel – Lucifera / Bobbi.666

Last time, when we spoke about phenomenal gimbo rolemodel Sambalina Roselli aka Samantha Chambers, I was pretty sure I won’t see such a perfect, amazing and stunning gothic-bimbo symbiosis again anytime soon. Although I featured both, fantastic Dani Divine and gorgeous Starfucked as gimbo rolemodels (a decision to which I stand

any time!), even if they are somewhat more fetish models than pure goth models. Sambalina remained as the one and only perfect mixture of a beautiful goth girl and a polished bimbo doll I knew of, a phenomenon so rare and exceptional – but simultaneously so desperately sought after and so much needed in the gothic subculture. Now we have knowledge of another specimen of this legendary and hot conjunction: Lucifera aka Bobbi.666! And man, what a rolemodel she is! A perfect example of what the term “gimbo” means and a guiding light for bimbos and gothgirls likewise. An outstanding beauty with more sexappeal than an average, complete goth club has to offer! Look at her, girls from the dark subculture, THIS IS how it is done, this is how you should look! This doll knows how the best from both worlds should be combined! An absolute magnificent, beautiful doll face, heavy make up, extremely long and voluminous, bright, blonde hair, a petite and pretty body, some nice, big tits (even if she can’t fulfill the bimbo basic rule here at the moment – but who knows, maybe she will go for the perfect b/gimbo tits in the future, something that seems to be more difficult for goth girls than for normal bimbo trainees), some pretty legs and a sweet ass. What a beauty! What a cute, stunning doll! What has to be mentioned particularly, is her sense for style, dresses and costumes: I don’t think it can come any better than this in the goth scene! This doll wears stockings, like many goth girls do and like all of them shoud, but not only does she pay attention to the first rule regarding stockings (with garter belts), but she combines those with phenomenal high heels and glittering stripper heelssomething EVERY goth bimbo should do all the time! In addition to that, she gives us a remarkable impression of what a goth-bimbo-schoolgirl should look like (VERY welcomed – always a fantastic appeal!!!) and even what a gothic-bimbo-bunny should look like (A-MA-ZING!). You all know what I think about tattoos, especially in these amounts, I said that already in my post about Sambalina, but when everything else is in a state of such perfection, I can be generous enough to oversee that. So, keep in mind everyone: Everytime I write the word “gimbo” – THIS is what I mean! She, with some strikingly increased tits, is a perfect mixture of a bimbo and a goth girl! Let her be your rolemodel, goth girls! THIS IS THE WAY TO GO! And while we’re on it…. I’m still looking for some goth girls to chat with over terms like these, the gothic culture, gimbos and beauty ideals in the scene… as I already said here, please contact me! Until then, have another look at this stunning symbiont, the meaning of gimbo, let her inspire you, admire her, follow her on her instagram, and stay with me this year – welcome to 2018!

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