Bimbo role model – Pandora Peaks

Still, we’re in the middle of our ongoing series “the perfect bimbo tits”, and because this also affects the bimbo rolemodels I am selecting for each post, it happened last time, that we spoke about Mary Madison Love, so it might be a good idea, to now speak about a rolemodel that might very well have influenced her: Pandora Peaks! We already had many classic “big tits bimbo rolemodels” here, like Lisa Lipps, SaRenna Lee and Wendy Whoppers, all of them amazingly beautiful and sexy girls that still show girls today what breastsizes are worth striving for, so what is so special about Pandora? Well, first and foremost she can be seen as one of the very first “big tits performers”, being on the stage as a stripper a few years before the other three mentioned girls, with an enhanced bust size of HHH, which was completely unheard of back in the mid- to late 1080′s. Her boobs, respecting the basic rule regarding the size of a bimbos tits, were the key to a remarkable triumph in the adult industry, without ever performing a sex scene with a male counterpart in front of the camera, but letting her pose for over 100 men’s magazines, including Playboy, Score and Gent and the construction of the CybOrgasMatrix sex doll after her body. The “peak” of her career, for sure, was having the honor to be the eponymous subject of famous, “big tits director legend” Russ Meyer’s last work before he died in 2004: The movie “Pandora Peaks” from 2001 is regarded as an absolute cult classic and massively helped to establish the “blonde girl with big tits” in pop culture. Now you see we have come full circle: Last time when we spoke about Mary Madison Love, I mentioned her starring in the recent Russ Meyer homage “Codename Diablo”, so you might understand now why I thought it would be more than appropriate to choose Pandora as our new bimbo role model this time. Though I have no evidence for my claim that Pandora was a direct influence for Mary Madison Love, it is surely not impossible – but what can young girls and bimbo trainees learn from our rolemodel today? Well, I would advise every girl to pay attention just to the body and the beauty of this doll in every single phase of her life! Do not only look at the different pictures which were taken between the 1980s and 2010, but also look at this body in motion, for example in the opening of former mentioned Russ Meyers “Pandora Peaks” (srsly. watch that movie) and listen to what she’s got to say! This is a girl born in 1964, with a body that puts most 19-year old girls to shame today (!!!) and back in 2001 (!!!), with a strong sense for femininity and with so much fun in being a sex icone, a bimbo, a girl and an attractive woman! Of course, her perfect, big tits, her flawless shaped body, her blonde hair and her long legs are also something you can take a leaf out of her book, as well as her love for sexy outfits, giant implants and styling – but mainly it’s her dedication, her attitude and the fun she puts into that! Let her be your rolemodel girls, as she might be for Mary Madison Love!

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