Bimbo role model – Lisa Lipps

Recently, we had a rolemodel post about one of the classic bimbo queens of the good old times – now we will have a look at another rolemodel of that decade of busty, blonde, bimbo bombshells: Lisa Lipps! Not without a reason, Lisa became one of the top-rated featured pornstars in the 90s, with her natural D-cups upgraded with astounding 2000cc saline implants. Forming a team with many other bimbo rolemodels of that epoch, such as Wendy Whoppers and Tiffany Towers (girls we have to look at in the near future!) (speaking of BBFs?), in retrospective, Lisa is a guiding light, showpiece and flagship-rolemodel for all young girls out there. This is how it is done trainees! In her early years, she had that naive, cute and just beautiful face of a paradigmatic, blonde bimbo teen you would expect (first picture above), which evolved to that of a hot, naughty, blonde bimbo housewife later on. Maybe this is the reason, we already saw her on the blog, showcasing the morning/night gowns in our post about bimbo nightwear earlier, a piece that is very closely related to the bimbo housewife. Anyway: I know it is hard to concentrate on her sweet face and the heavy makeup, confronted with those massive, enhanced and amazing tits – a really good example of a doll following our basic rule regarding the size of a bimbos boobs. That massive, beautiful pair of tits chimes together with her slim and tight body, her long legs and the amazing style Lisa used to wear. Always high heels, often stockings, tight and short dresses with an amazing neck line. Let her be your paragon, young girls – wear those dresses, get those big and heavy tits and showcase them whenever possible. You do want to wear make up like she did in any given situation and catch everyones attention with your dresses and styles! Sadly and lately, Lisa decided to make a paradigm shift and lost her bimbo values and visual appeal: Nowadays, she is into some weird, spiritual stuff, believing to wield some kind of witchcraft and magical powers by losing everything there was once about her magical, optical sensation. We should all remember her as the perfect bimbo rolemodel she once was, and still should young girls and trainees try to equal her in her visual perfection of times past.

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